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HINT: GM says it will be (was?) finished by 12/31/98. And they have a bridge they think you'd be interested in...

Fortune 500 - Scheduled Internal Remediation The following table lists the dates when Fortune 500 companies expect to achieve internal remediation, according to their SEC filings. Internal remediation is the date when they intend to finish fixing or replacing their IT and embedded systems.


-- a (a@a.a), February 26, 1999



You have been busy tonight! Thanks for the info. !

Substantially Finished? Hmmm

-- Deborah (, February 27, 1999.

So...PDM (Paul Deano Maria) would say that 23 % are finished, right? PDM would probably say something like this:

"The first two categories cannot be counted for statistical reasons."

"Eleven Companies plusthe 66 that said they would befinished 12 /31/98 (and I'm sure they didn't say it unless they mean't it) =77 companies. 77 out of 340 companies are done and the rest are probably finished, but waiting for their lawyers to tell them it's OK to say so."

"That's great news, and I'm sure the great wave of thousands of companies trumpeting their compliancy started long ago...but you guys here just don't want to know the good news. And I should know because my company will be finished in a few more weeks. I can't say the name of the company or where it's located, but we're ready!! (well..just a few more weeks-I know I said the same thing last year, but this time I mean it.). Boy, then you're going to feel P R E T T Y S I L LY."


You know...being a PDM is fun and easy. Ienjoyed writing that. It took very little deep thought and it felt very gratifying to put you in your place. I feel very superior. Now... where is my remote control? I want to see if I won the Lotto today. I think I'm really going to win this week! Iknowthese are lucky numbers.

This post was for entertainment purposes only. I miss PDM and wish they would return to liven things up. I can't wait to hear their version of the Senate and CIA reports.

-- PDM (Paul@Deano.Maria), February 27, 1999.

What I'm waiting for are the filings from 1999! Any idea when those will be out? Thanks!

-- FM (, February 27, 1999.

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