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The internet is an amazing thing. Just listened to Norths comments on Art Bells website archives. Very alarmist, dont you think? One would have to rate his prophesies at least a 7 on the Yourdon scale. What do you all think? Will the power grid go down never to be ressurected? Personally I believe we will have interuptions, and poop probably hits the fans for those utilities who are not prepared. However, while I have no crystal ball, at least here in the Great Pacific Northwest, where we are not dependent on coal or other freight commodities for power. Yes, I understand the grids are interconnected, but it is at least my HOPE that the BPA has looked at this possibility and has prepared a contingency plan in place for such an occurence. I know this is all happy thoughts-- but sometimes one needs to think positively. OK, nows your turn to depress me. Fire away!! Charlie P.

-- Charlie P. (, February 26, 1999


A 7??? On the 1-10 scale, Gary is at 70! <:)=

-- Sysman (, February 26, 1999.

Charlie....I just listened to him this past week...on Art Bell, and on Geoff Metcalf at ( you can get it on your computer if you have a livetalk) and he did not sound any different. I had begun to think of GN as a real chicken little...based on his penchant for religious reconstructionism, and was surprised and a bit dismayed to find that his reasonings made perfect sense, and that he separates his thinking on Y2K from his other philosophies. Mary P.

-- Mary P. (, February 26, 1999.

North has stated his position clearly. See

He doesn't predict the power grid will go down. He only says he doesn't see how it will stay up based on the evidence he is accumulating on his website. He states that if the grid goes down for sixty days, it will mean the end of western civilization. Sen. Bennett made the same statement last July.

That doesn't sound extreme to me. Scary, yes. A low possiblity...yes, but only because I can't conceive of what the world would look like after a sixty day outage. He is preparing for the worse? Is he smart or stupid?

-- BB (, February 26, 1999.

Charlie P: Your power company may not be dependent on coal or other freight commodities, but they are dependent on nuclear energy, hydro and for some small generating plants, wood and other renewable energy. It's not a question of the availability of these commodities, but if the plant that is generating electricity has embedded chips that will shut down fail-safe valves, instruments, and a hundred other things that keep a plant operational. Our power company (PG&E), just released a statement in our February bill to prepare for disruptions. So, I am taking their advice. At least they are honest enough to warn people of what could and may happen.

-- bardou (, February 26, 1999.

I believe that Gary North is much closer to the truth than almost every other Y2K observer, with the possible exception of Ed Yourdan. Gary bases every one of his commentaries on other source's articles. Most of those articles originated in newspapers, magazines, and TV.

Until we have independently verified proof of fixed and fully tested systems, I think that we has best take precautions that Gary has suggested. He has not said the everyone should move to the country. He knows only a small fraction can do so. We should stock up on food, alternate energy sources, etc.

I trust Gary North a whole lot more than John Koskinen, Alan Greenspan, Bill Clinton, and Bill Gates on Y2K.

-- Incredulous (, February 26, 1999.

You may fire when ready Gridley!

Salvo #1 - BPA (Bonneville Power Authority?) isn't that connected with WPPSS which was responsible for the largest bond default in the history of the USA? While I'm sure that the barber shop owner is now off the board, is the new board any bettter?

Salvo #2 - Does BPA depend on the banking system for anything?

Salvo #3 - Generating power is nice. Getting it distributed is even nicer. Got transformers? (like in Florida?)

-- Ken Seger (, February 27, 1999.

I agree. While I don't agree with Gary's political views, he does post facts.

Funny thing. Before I became a regular here (about a month ago), I would visit Gary, Sangers, euy2k, etc. to get my Y2K news. Now it seems like ther're posting old stuff. Thanks Diane, Kevin, and all. I think this is the leading edge site! <:)=

-- Sysman (, February 27, 1999.

Just a simple question here - has North ever linked to the TVA report that bluntly states that they are 79% done with remediation as of Jan. 4? Sure, he has links to a lot of stuff, most of it doom stuff. He is quite honest about reporters getting their stories, using his site as a reference, and picking up his 'spin' in the process. And if you believe him - then his attitude (spin) has tainted every non-technical story written about Y2K. Think about it - if everyone goes to Norths site for research - then just who is going to have an unbiased attitude about Y2K?

-- Paul Davis (, February 27, 1999.


Do you think that the TVA has made good progress by being 79% completed in its remediation with less than a year to go? The refrain that we have heard during the past 2 years is completion of remediation by December 31, 1998 with a year for testing. Given that the 79% figure is self-reporting by the TVA, I have no confidence in that number. We need independently confirmed verification.

Only an idiot would put off to the very last moment correcting a problem that could mean destruction. Unfortunately, this is what the whole world has done.

-- Incredulous (, February 27, 1999.

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