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what is it? can i meke them? are they as good as dvd? can dvd players decode it?

-- ddao (, February 26, 1999


You can't make them yourself. There is a new hardware encoder coming in May though from STB. It lets you encode in MPEG-2(SVCDs format. So far it sounds like you can do put on a CD but chances are it will only be for DVD. Right now as far as DVD playing them...they already do(in the US SVCD has become DVD). DVD in China might be able to do it but everywhere else the choice is VCD 2.0 (cheaper and less space to eat up compression wise). The discs are supposed to have similar but not quite DVD quality. It is a a smaller resolution than DVD but higher res than VCD. Either way in the US just stick to VCD 2.0(most of the movies are in this format anyway)

-- T (, February 26, 1999.

The res. for SVCD is 480 X 480, compare to DVD res. 720 X 480 it's still not as good, I would say, it's much acceptable than vcd v2.0. However, play time for each disc (SVCD) is less than or equal to 20min. Takes about 5 disc for a one and a half hour movie.!

-- Chee Yong (, March 01, 1999.

SVCD is a very exciting new format which would revolutionise the VCD market, at least here in Asia. Some AV companies in Asia might roll out SVCD players by as early as May this year.

The reasons why this format is revolutionary are : 1) Manufacturers of current VCD players do not have to revamp their current production lines extensively for SVCD players therefore resulting in fast rollout time, low cost and effective mass marketing. 2) The software, SVCD players can play VCD 2.0 and 1.1 formats and VCD replicating companies can easily upgrade their current production line for SVCD, great for cash strapped VCD manufacturers, so you can imagine that SVCD would have a line of software as extensive and almost just as cheap as VCD, no region coding, no licensing fees etc. 3) Large MNC manufacturers Sony, Panasonic, JVC and Philips are supporting SVCD. 4) Only drawback is that max. playback time is reduced from 74 mins in VCD to 45 mins for SVCD. So get a 3 disc changer SVCD player for seamless, uninterrupted movie viewing.

More info at

I would also love to hear comments from others. Cheers :-)

-- xvader (, March 02, 1999.

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