yYo2knewswire (everything is going to fine) !!!

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yall should go and check out y2knewswire.com today. everything is just rosy according to the reports. biggest pile of bs I ever did see. Are they losing their focus? the pure dribble of 'everything is fine' is enough to turn my stomach. its morally putrid. uggh

who cares

-- who cares (sam@iam.com), February 25, 1999


au contraire my dear who...their top headline is as follows:

2/25/1999 - Senate report calls Y2K, "One of the most serious and potentially devastating events this nation has ever encountered."

Are we refernecing the same page?

-- a (a@a.a), February 25, 1999.

Well hey now, you keep talking like that and Paul Davis is going to give you a stern lecture!

You have to admit that good news that can be substantiated is pleasant to hear. Let's not lose focus of the fact that if the effects of Y2K do get to the point of TSHTF then we are not going to be happy campers. I for one am not so quick to dismiss these reports. I want to see change as much as the next guy but not to the point that I'd actually facilitate the coming of a disaster that would make millions suffer and die slowly.

-- (AES2010@aol.com), February 25, 1999.

damn right were looking at the same page. didn't you see how many organizations are painting rosy scenarios. i spoke with this elderly lady, very quick witted, but who believes the puke at the local utilities who say the power will be up. who's gonna suffer? all these clowns that are leading people on, there's a word for them...cowards and liars. A rose by any other name. anyone who thinks that code can be remediated is slightly short of a screw loose. in fact, i'll go on record here as saying that it can't be fixed, period. betcha that even if they had all the time in the world, and all the progammers, they couldn't fix the problem. any takes. oh and all you liars out there, if you're reading this, have a real nice day, y'all.

who cares

-- who cares (sam@iam.com), February 25, 1999.

" in fact, i'll go on record here as saying that it can't be fixed, period. betcha that even if they had all the time in the world, and all the progammers, they couldn't fix the problem."

Record noted. and logged.


-- Mutha Nachu (---@tagem-n-bagem.com), February 26, 1999.

A Post from GN is a BFI

My expertise is in Extremists like NORTH, YOURDON AND YOU !!!

Forum: Gary North is a Big Fat Idiot Forum Re: In Denial (Michelle) Re: *SIGH* Another poster too lazy to read the site. . . (W0lv3r1n3) Re: Okay, then try this site out,... Re: So long as you remain courteous, ill debate with you . . (W0lv3r1n3) Re: Just me,... (Jerry C.) Re: YOU are only a PEST in DENIAL. We are here for the Lurkers. (CPR) Re: Yea, right CPR Re: One other note CPR Re: Good One!!! (Scooby Doo) Date: Feb 20, 13:10 From: CPR

Have you been dead long or is it a recent event??

My "credentials" are given in: Kappelman's Y2k book from the Society for Information Management where I predicted the Y2k impact on Investment real estate and the REITs. Two years ago, bozo, I said Retail would crater and the REITs would have some problems with cash flow in Malls. I also predicted a shortage of Industrial and Commercial storage in warehouse because of stockpiling as JIT levels were increased.

Theory 2 years ago. FACT today. You can also take a look at : http://www.russkelly.com/ "Experts pages" and see some more. What is missing which I have to get Russ to include is the breakdown of my rating of Y2k impact: 6.9 where 4.2 is for the technical and economic part and 2.7 is for the 'panic/hysterics' of the general population. (With all the de-bunking now going on, I think that will die away.)

But I do have some real "expertise" in a "niche" subject.

SURPRISE: My expertise is in.. YOU and your types. But the effect of the North/Yourdon Meme on people like you is a minor chapter in American History even though it is very interesting to me as a direct descendent of a line that goes back to the Know Nothings of the Mid- 1800s. Now we have the Net enabled one like you.."The Know Littles".

Just remember this: I was USMC and I learned to "take no prisoners". Academic niceties are for the "Mr. Deckers" and the Tea Party Set. I believe in direct frontal approach and exposing the Fear Mongers for what they are, cheap Quick Buck Artists or Political/Religious NUTS.

The danger is not from North or Yourdon doing anything. The real danger in Y2k is from the irrational actions their Bull Shit inspires. Ratcliffe addresses that in his ripping of Yourdon's 10 Year Depression Essay now. I said it last year: Yourdon knows NOTHING about Economics or Finance, thus any "scenarios" he dreams up with his keyboard and a glass of white wine, are FICTION that people like YOU... take as fact. You do so because you hide behind his constant chanting: "I, Ed Yourdonefor, have 30 years experience" and accept his views as yours.

When the "rush" from that isn't enough, you go out looking for more and find Gary North's IDIOTIC "Mad Max" craziness and then use that to justify whatever you do no matter what your Family or friends (if you have any) or neighbors might say.

Then,,, wrapped in your Cocoon of thinking insulation, you claim that ALL OTHERS are "in denial" or "don't know enough" or "are lying to themselves".

IN REALITY, it is people like YOU who can't deal with "reality".

Next year or several years from now, you will find another Y2k to shiver about.

North and Yourdon are not going to screw up OUR Country with their BS causing panic. It will end with North back in his hole under the rock he crawled out from and Yourdon retired by his FORMER Peers in I.T.

I'm fairly well known in the media but not to the public as the source of information on the "extremists" of Y2k. I have files on over 100 of them and willingly provide "deep background" to any legitimate writer or reporter for FREE. I can afford it.

It goes without saying that every file is available to the local and state Police and the Federal authorities who are now monitoring the Y2k Extremists in an effort to prevent any terrorism whether from domestic or foreign sources.

Any threats ever sent me are sent immediately to the authorities and don't ever believe that "anonymous" email is anonymous.

Actually, just keep in mind also,,,,I might be working here.

If I ever write a book on the "History of the Y2k Gloomers"; part of it will be about the sucess of GN is a BFI in De-Bunking IDIOTS.

People like you are only a minor subset. My real targets for DE- BUNKING have always been North and Yourdon and it looks like Mr. Yourdon's turn for "exposition" has come thanks to ZD's Ratcliffe and others.

If you send me your real email names and actually names I might actually include you. Other wise your adorable screen names will have to do. Thus, YOUR 15 minutes of fame will be lost.

Occasionally, I dabble in harder core technology and was the one who pretty much expose the Fraud of "time dilation" over a year ago.

The "Texas Fire Engine Myth" was another little story I gave to Declan M. to let the world know.

I was the first one to expose North and his associations with Yourdon on the I.T. Professional lists I am on. After revealing to the Professionals what North was and some of his choicer remarks, he has posted maybe 7 times in the last 1 1/2 years.

He and Yourdonefor took their act to the world of the Techno- Illiterates, Know-littles and BS artists LIKE YOU where how to turn a PC on makes one an instant expert.

Don't feel bad, I save my very best shots for liberals and leftists.

-- (kwo@kwo.edu), February 26, 1999.

I've always felt if I were BAD trouble, I would welcome the USMC; now I'm not so sure. And I've thought that some on this forum were just a tad paranoid, when it came to a seemingly irrational fear of the military, but now I'm not so sure. And although I don't agree with Mr. North's reconstructionist philosophy at all (it's scarier than y2k), and I don't care for the man, still, he has good links. And although I'm a "know little," from my life experience, I've discovered that anything that can break down will. I've also found that when food prices rise, they never go back down to their former level.

But I'm been proud that I read all about memes and have two web sites concerning those in my favorites. I'm glad that I read both sides of the issue, and dozens of posts on many forums, before I made up my mind concerning whether this was a threat or not.

I've also been proud to be a liberal, a minority on this forum, but now I see that I'm in deep trouble just for being politically incorrect. I'm an environmentalist too: that's really bad. Of course I'm not important enough for you to bother with my anonymous email address, but if you do, I wish you could tell me why I can't access it myself.

-- gilda jessie (jess@listbot.com), February 26, 1999.

When folks start frothing at the mouth and waving their arms, I realize that they're so shook up that reasonable judgments are beyond them. And their selection of data points is bound to be skewed.

Anyone who's been reading this forum, or csy2k, understands that this is not a partisan issue: the berserk excitement is distributed equitably among polly's and doomsters alike. Points can be made on both ends of the spectrum. Individual takes on this business fall all across it -- the Bell curve is always with us. How could it be otherwise?

I'd rather be getting ready -- so far as I'm able -- than spend much time fussing about what other people are doing -- or not doing.

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), February 26, 1999.

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