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In the seventies a lot of Engineering and Construction was going on in the Middle-East. I remember the Israeli Black List (An American firm had to certify they would not do business with an Israli firm if they wanted to do business in the Middle-East) was being hotly debated in the press. The general concenus (the party line being laid-down by the US Government) was that there was no such thing as a black. Imagine my surprize when I took a position in Saudi Arabia and had to sign a statement that I would not do business with an Israli firm.

Makes one wonder how much spin is played by the Government on Y2K.

-- Watcher (, February 25, 1999


Thats easy for you to say.

-- curious but (confused@this.time), February 25, 1999.

More Government/media "spin" can be found in the racial areas. Anytime a white does something to some poor "minority" person (you know, that 89% "minority" of the world's population) the media runs the story *everywhere*. However, in the MUCH more common case of a "minority" attacking a white, race is almost never mentioned.

It doesn't matter if you despise living around blacks and mexicans like I do, or love 'em and want your sons & daughters to live & breed with them. In either case, the Government/media LIES BY OMMISION!!

-- ? (?@?.com), February 26, 1999.

HOw FOoLISH ARE You?????? VErY????? DIeTeR KnOWS of NO blAcK IsrALiS, IS ThAT Not SO????? WHy wOuLD THeRe BE SuCH A LisT????? WOuLD IT NoT BE a vEry sHOrT ONE????? DIeTER THiNks THat EveN sAmmY DAvIS Jr. WAS NoT ISrALi????? YEs???

-- Dieter (, February 26, 1999.

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