LIE BACK AND ENJOY IT 2/25/99 Jon Perdue

Lie back and enjoy it

America, your president is a rapist, we said.

But like the muffled screams of his victims, the shouts of a small, informed group of citizens have also gone unheard. Those of us who have been shouting for your attention on these matters have been trying to alert you since the 92 presidential campaign.

But you called us Clinton haters.

To attempt to gain your ear we told you that our purpose still, was not to say we told you so, but please listen and look for yourself, and even refute us. We would have loved to have found that these crimes never happened.

But you called us zealots.

We said that the president bombed Sudanese civilians to distract you from his crimes. We said that Sudanese citizens worked for a month to provide for emaciated children what we spend on a power lunch. We noted that dropping bombs on them had no national security interest, especially when the only ones killed would be civilians. Many of your political allies even agreed with us.

But you called us paranoid.

We told you that even pentagon and military officials were incredulous. We quoted a Washington Times story that reported "senior Pentagon officers expressed great skepticism ... about the raids. This source said that the White House eagerness to launch air strikes grew with intensity as a parade of centrist Republicans announced they would vote to impeach the president." We cited the front page story of a national newspaper.

But you called us anti-Clinton.

We told you that the day Monica Lewinsky testified before the federal grand jury that he had encouraged her to deny their relationship and to submit a false affidavit, the president ordered the attack on "terrorist facilities" in Sudan and Afghanistan. We mentioned that not only were the Joint Chiefs of Staff not consulted prior to the attack, but it had since been revealed that a medicine factory that was claimed by the administration to be making nerve gas was actually just a medicine factory. We said that when it became clear on the afternoon of December 16th that the President would be impeached, the bombing raid on Iraq began.

We quoted Pentagon sources that said "I have had senior flag and general officers question the timing.... I have had senior military officers laughing. I hate to say that.... Why now? He hasn't built a coalition. He hasn't done anything. Why this timing?" We quoted the disbelief of those who study war, and the means to avoid it.

But you called us conspiracists.

We said that the president spoke on the phone to a congressman about the decision to send our sons into combat in Bosnia while receiving oral sex from a young girl. We identified the congressman, proved the call through phone records, and received no denial from the president.

But you called us sex-obsessed.

We said that the presidents defenders were not objective. We reminded you that the presidents lawyer admitted that reasonable people could conclude that he had perjured himself. We recalled that Democrat congressmen had said unequivocally that the president was guilty of felonies. We reminded you that Ivy League law professors that testified on behalf of the president also continued to defend the innocence of O.J. Simpson.

But you called us racists.

We said that the president not only used interns his daughters age for sex acts in the Oval office, but had also violently raped a woman who trusted him. We reminded you that the vote for impeachment in the House of Representatives had swung on information concerning numerous assaults on women, and especially the testimony of one known as Jane Doe #5. We quoted elected officials saying that they were physically sickened by the testimony, and that the evidence left them no choice but to impeach.

But you called us partisans.

We aided the media, upon who you had relied for your information, in checking the credibility of the person making the incredible allegations. We quoted sources saying to the accuser "The good news is, youre credible. The bad news is, youre too credible". The accuser released all documents to investigators. The president, after numerous requests from a major news network, released none. The accusers background was thoroughly researched, and both state and federal government investigative agencies publicly stated that she was a solid citizen. The presidents passport file mysteriously disappeared in 92. The president refused to release his medical records, and fired his original physician who insisted on delving into his medical history.

We pressured a major television network to air twenty minutes of a five hour interview with the accuser, after they had refused for weeks. The accuser was shown to be credible. Polling data taken after the interview showed that you believed her. We proved our case to you.

But you say the Dow is about to hit ten thousand, and we knew he was a philanderer when we elected him.

In essence, lie back and enjoy it.

We are speechless.

-- Texan (, February 25, 1999


You go Texan!!! :o)

-- Jo (D@woods.hideout), February 25, 1999.

Thanks, Texan....

I'm so sick.... Do you know my ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY supports Clinton? Every last single one of them............

I'm printing and handing this out to 'em at Easter..

-- Lisa (, February 25, 1999.


My family thinks he's ok too except for my husband (of course!- gee, would he hear an earful if he liked Clinton!) and my mom.

I'm getting a peecee for my mom this weekend. Hopefully, if she's wired she'll be able to put 2 + 2 together about Clinton's agenda & how that relates to Y2K.

I'm still trying to get my husband to GI and be more serious and my mom too. She GIBIIDAI- "Gets it but is in denial and is angry". Wonder who came up with "shoot the messenger" saying. How true!

-- Texan (, February 25, 1999.

Just for the record I didn't vote for Clinton in either election. In many ways i'm not surprised that his approval rating is at Eisenhower levels. This guy is the Teflon Man, or the Man of Steel. The Bullet dodger and a draft dodger. But more than anything he will always be Slick Willy.

-- (, February 25, 1999.

Heard a caller to a talk radio program say he was an investigator, and whenever a woman is bitten on the upper lip, he looks in the serial rapist files because biting or a forceful blow to this area(where the lip meets the nose) can engage a nerve that disables the victims muscles, making them unable to resist, which may explain why some victims are not clear about why they stopped resisting. Every bit as bad, is the fact that the senators trying the impeachment case, had this information before their final descision.Folks, we need to get active about getting a centrist,LIBERTARIAN party throughout our government.

-- KoFE (......@......), February 25, 1999.

BUt YOU dO HATe hIm, is THaT NOT SO???IF YOu haTe yOU ARe a hatER, YeS???? HaTE???? HAtER???? WHaT?//?


-- Dieter (, February 25, 1999.

Reagan was the "teflon" president
Bush was the "oily" president
Clinton is the "vaseline" president

-- a (, February 25, 1999.


Just PROVE IT in a court of law, NOT a political circus with tumbling clowns!!!

With all our blessings.

Remember "Innocent until PROVEN guilty?"

Support your local Constitution and engage the court system in the details, not the National Enquirer!!!


-- Diane J. Squire (, February 25, 1999.

Hiel, to der slickmiester.

-- Scotty (, February 25, 1999.

Diane, Please show the same concern for the constitutional rights of the 86 mostly women and children who were murdered at Waco, Texas on April 19, 1995. Bill Clinton knows their rights were violated. It's obvious to anyone who sees the documentary Waco: The Rules of Engagement. My question to you is, how can you care more about one than the other? Even beyond the machine gunning (BY PEOPLE OUTSIDE)of the people trying to escape the burning building is not as appalling as the arrogance and lack of respect for these citizens by the government. BTW, keep digging into the Kingsville Urban Warrior story. Your getting close.

-- KoFE (INbizarroAmerica@Wash.DC), February 25, 1999.

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