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Y2KNET Summit/Y2KCPR Town Hall Meeting - Pat Boone emcee.....with Craig Smith, Tony Keyes, Karen Anderson, Tim Wilson, Rick Coweles, & Ken Klein....Phoenix First Assembly Church 13613 N Cave Creek Rd. Phoenix, Az. Friday, February 26 7:00pm-9:30pm & Saturday, Feb 27 9:00am-8:30pm
You may register at the door or call (877) 492-5277....No Charge....

Today the American Surplus Show ends in started Sunday...I attended for 2 days and could not see everything....I did see a few booths with Y2k signs and one booth with every dislayed item having an important Y2k use. I was even more impressed because the prices were fair. Next Surplus show in Vegas in August.

-- notimportant (, February 25, 1999


Kind of off subject...But Las that is one place I would not want to be on 1-1-00! Talk about HYSTERIA!

-- cool (, February 25, 1999.

When I went to the show last August I was standing in the middle of a large casino at night when the lights went out for a few seconds which were an eternity. What an interesting plot for a y2k movie....Vegas with no utilities! I thought of this when I checked into my hotel this week and was given a room on the 15th floor.

-- notimportant (, February 25, 1999.

This Y2k summit and town hall meeting is what many in the area have been waiting and watching and hoping to see I do hope we have a big attendance....the Phoenix First Assembly auditorium will hold 6,500. Admission is free...the address is easy to 1-877-492-5277 for more info...the best antidote for panic is preparedness.

-- ronbanks (, February 25, 1999.

I could write a book on the Summit and Town Meeting...I put in 14 hours and it was total immersion into y2k. Just a few comments...while some who were involved had commercial interests they made no attempt to "hard sell" and it was mentioned that it is no sin in America to sell for a profit. Everyone who participated did so to help others as opposed to personal promotion. I would have wished for greater community participation...we had less than 1000 out of a community of 2 million plus. CNN was represented and the following: Red Cross, Both State and County Emergency, Joseph Project, Phx Block/Crime Watch, Y2k News, Y2k Investor, "Dear Karen" and Y2knet (Year 2000 National Educational Taskforce). Craig Smith (Swiss America) was the key person throughout the entire program. Craig has given out (at his expense) one million copies of y2k news magazine (special edition covering y2kCPR) and plans to give out four million more.

At the town meeting Ken Evans (Az Farm Bureau) spoke and answered questions. He recently testified before the US Senate and he tells it like it is. He sees problems with the food chain...he traced the fruit from his farm near Yuma to the consumer six states away. The purpose of it all was to give us lots of current info and they did. I greatly appreciate all of these people.

One question to the panel on the first night still sticks in my mind...A man in the audience stood up and asked .."what do you really, really think is going to happen" and the answer was....if we told you most of you might get up and leave and the press would have a "field day". The basic theme was to be 72 hour prepared at the least and beyound that let your conscience be your guide. An audio tape, The Best of Y2KCPR ("THE MANY FACES OF Y2K) is available free by calling toll free (877) 4-Y2KCPR and more info on getting a free copy of the magazine etc by calling Swiss America at (800) 289-2646. Point of info....Swiss America sells coins and the CEO is Craig Smith....At the meeting Craig advised buying Treasury Bills.....You can visit Y2kNET at link

-- ronbanks (, February 28, 1999.

Craig Smith issured a challenge to state and local government leaders: "Someone has to fill the vacuum. If the governor or mayor decide to sponsor a Y2K Town Hall Meeting, we will support it 100% but with just over 300 days left, we felt responsible to organize and sponsor this event.

I would make another point on the character of Craig......he gave 8,000 bikes to the poor kids in LA......another big point at the meeting was to think globally and act locally.

-- notimportant (, March 01, 1999.

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