NBC Conspiracy over Jane Doe #5

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Anyone wonder why NBC finally aired the Broaddrick interview last night after waiting over a month? Well here's my theory, they did it to help the president, to take all the attention away from a far more important and explosive story which also happened yesterday, with the Bloodgate victims holding a press conference at the National Press Club and announcing their lawsuit, they will depose the president, and they will be naming him in the lawsuit when they are finished gathering the info they need. This is HUGE, but did the networks cover it? Nope. They were babbling about this Broaddrick story which is safe for the pres because she is not suing him. What a bunch of suckers!

And a tragedy. Those poor people are dying of AIDS and Hepatitis C, and the networks don't care. If you want the news on this, you have to go to the internet. Check out today's 2 stories at www.worldnetdaily.com or go to www.bloodtrail.com. Even the famous Drudge failed to pick up the story, what a sucker he is for sex.

-- b (b@b.b), February 25, 1999


If I recall my numbers correctly, a similar thing happened in France, although it was not related to Clinton's actions in Arkansas. In France 6,000 people were infected. In Canada, it was a bit over 1,000.

The 2 French "leaders" responsible were thrown out of office.

-- Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@anonymous.com), February 25, 1999.

The problem in France IS definitely related to this Arkansas thing, that's the whole point. This infected blood was shipped all over the world, I really think it should go to the International court in The Hague, looks like genocide to me.

There are plenty of victims in the U/S. as well, and this is a "gift which keeps on giving". The next person might be you.

Two sites for yesterday's story, for anyone who cares. (Sorry I can't hotlink, perhaps someone would be nice enough to do it for me? Thanks. This is a public health catastrophe, not a partisan issue.)

1.Reuter's story. http://biz.yahoo.com/rf/990224/bpk.html

2.Salon story. http://www.salonmagazine.com/news/1999/02/25news.html

-- b (b@b.b), February 25, 1999.


Good point!! Don't forget Chinagate. A couple days ago Stephanopolis (sp.?) walked out of a deposition rather than answer certain questions pertaining to Chinagate. Last I heard there was talk of holding him in contempt of court.

Another point about Broaddrick is; NBC sat on this story until the impeachment trial was over....might have affected those poles everyone seems so concerned about.

-- Deborah (sickof@it.com), February 25, 1999.

Bloodgate was covered on CBN this morning. My question is this. Why in the sam hell would those two states take blood from prisoners? A lot of you think Clinton is not being punished for his immoral activity, lying, rape etc.

My friends, he is being punished every day of his life, with the world watching. This, in my opinion, is the perfect punishment. The man is in need of help. A true Dr. J. and Mr. H.

-- Dave (dave22@concentric.net), February 25, 1999.

No, we are being punished every day that man remains in office. Did any of you notice Lisa Meyers mouth and eyes when she was interviewing Broaddrick? Very tight, tense, angry, as if Mrs. Broaddrick was the rapists instead of the victim.

-- observer (observer@observe.com), February 25, 1999.

I am starting to get sick every time I hear the word Clinton, see his picture, or see a picture of Hilary. I have come to think of them as two of the most evil people on this planet. He does, she covers up. She does, he covers up. I wonder when, where and how they acheived so much power. WHO is backing them that they can do whatever they please and get away with it.

-- Linda A. (adahi@muhlon.com), February 25, 1999.

Thank you Linda A., you have asked the right question. Considering all the counts against them -- from Jennifer-gate to Bloodgate and now this string of rapes and sexual assaults -- there is no way on God's green earth Hill/Billy should still be in power. I long ago became convinced the poll numbers are phony. I know something about polls, you can make them give whatever result you want. So just what is going on? It's enough to make me a conspiracy believer.

-- Cash (cash@andcarry.com), February 25, 1999.

Why are you folks surprised???

Amerika wanted a king, and now they got one.

They didn't care about his sordid past, or his patterns of mob-style intimidation, corruption and violence.

They get what they deserve, a monarch with the aphrodisiac of power utmost in his mind.

To all our peril.

-- INVAR (gundark@aol.com), February 25, 1999.

Reuters Story

Salon Story

-- Deborah (links@here.com), February 25, 1999.

And we owe this whole sordid mess to idiots like me who voted for Perot in '92.

I wonder if hates himself for that run...............poor guy.

-- Lisa (lisa@work.now), February 25, 1999.

"...voted for Perot in '92."

If I remember it right, Perot quit the race well before the election. Not much point in voting for him after that, I thought.

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), February 25, 1999.


Ms. Rodham Clinton spells "Hillary" with two Ls. I had no problems with my name for years, now I hate to tell people what it is. Not only do I have to spell it for everyone, I have to hear bad jokes - the worst is people immediately get a bad impression. It was even worse when I lived in Little Rock, and that was way before Hillary got to the White House. Not surprisingly, I post on this forum under another name.

"Hilary" comes from the same root as "hilarious." See what happens when you mess about with the spelling?

-- Hilary (No,I'm@not.com), February 25, 1999.

Linda, you ask: WHO is backing them? Can you say NEW WORLD ORDER?

-- Eye on Y2K (BUGSCARESME@MELLINIUM.COM), February 25, 1999.

Best on I've heard about why NBC sat on the story so long is that most of the sheeple would be tuned to the Grammys and would miss it. I guess maybe NBC *could* have run it opposite the Superbowl to bury it even better but mid-week, opposite some special event must have been good enough.


-- Wildweasel (vtmldm@epix.net), February 25, 1999.

Maybe this is just a little paranoid - after all, NBC didn't have to interview her at all. They did do a lot of checking to be sure her story was consistent, and it all came down on her side. And it was a very effective interview. I don't see how anyone could see it and not believe that the President is a common criminal, a rapist.

I agree, Clinton is not just immoral or a compulsive liar or a sex addict - this man is a truly evil person. I don't understand why we aren't descending on the capitol in the millions right now.

-- Ned (entaylor@cloudnet.com), February 25, 1999.

Hillary is what is known as an enabler. She can not be surprized as his behavior. She has known about it for years or she is plain dumb. She stays with him to have the power of being the Presidents wife. She would not give him a divorce and lose that power. Who do you think wears the pants in that family? He probably has more bosses than we do. Lets see Hillary, New World Order people who say jump and he says how high, campaign contributors, China officials, and interns? The kid doesn' seem to learn. Did you notice that his hair is more grey than it was. This is also the classic example of manipulation of the people by the press. The story was withheld until after the Senate vote and then released only afer it had been published elsewhere such as by the Wall Street Journal. What hypocracy. The networks have lost all credibility. The press knew about his reputation or lack of one before the 1992 elections and withheld that too. Our leaders deserve what ever happens. Unfortunately the common people will suffer the most. With people like this in charge of making and reporting the news, we are supposed to believe that Y2k is a minor inconvenience? How can the Democrat Party and the feminists continue to support their leader? This is a pattern of behavior. One charge or three may leave a doubt but when there are dozens of charges, is there something to it? Lets write our Senators and demand a new vote on the impeachment based on evidence that was withheld. Character does count. We also need a free press. A press controled by the power structure is not free.

-- Tom (incredulous@notstupid.com), February 25, 1999.

And now people, what are we going to do about it? Our options are even more sickening.

-- bardou (bardou@baloney.com), February 25, 1999.

Thank you, Deborah, for those links! It'll be interesting to see if the blood victims can successfully get Justice interested. I predict they won't, unless the media gets involved.

I hope at some point that someone does a calculation on how much of a boost that the worldwide AIDS epidemic got from Arkansas. I find it truly bizarre that people like Barbra Streisand and other Hollywood celebrities active in the fight against AIDS, continue to kiss the butt of the very person who has done more singlehandedly than anyone else, to spread this epidemic. Ditto for the gay community. When will they wake up and smell the coffee?

-- b (b@b.b), February 26, 1999.

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