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Anyone interested in buying or seeing the aeon statue should go to:

the whole listing for aeon stuff is:

I just won an Aeon Flux RPG game (not video game) on ebay for $15.50. It should be ariving some time next week. You can check out the description at:

I have my own web page so I may post some pics or the rules of the game, but I don't know, it being 320 pages and all, it may be too much. Maybe one of you dedicated aeon web site owners would like to dedicate a section to it?

-- t_goodchild (, February 25, 1999


I hate to tell you this, but if that's the White Wolf RPG re-released as Trinity, it has abs. nothing to do with Aeon Flux. Sounds like they had a copyright dispute with MTV - does anyone remember the 1st edition of Battletech? They called it Battledroids and got royally sued by Lucasfilms...

Anyway, I did check out the list of eBay Flux items... I like the way you can choose to buy the statue for $200 or $80. That and folks selling off their old Aeon tapes for $5. Pretty funny, actually.

-- Charlie Princeton (, February 25, 1999.

I hope it's not "Trinity". From the description, the fact that you "can't buy this edition anymore" leads me to believe that this is the early version with aeon flux in it. Does anyone know if the aeon flux version made to the shelves before they got sued, or if it never made it? Oh well, in a week or so I'll have the answer.

-- t_goodchild (, February 25, 1999.

I checked, and it is "Trinity"... The early version, "Aeon", never had Aeon Flux in it, or anything to do with the show. White Wolf was threatened with legal action because of the name alone.

Some copies of the game, with "Aeon" printed on the cover and all over the insides, do exist, and are floating around in various RPG stores... I'm borrowing my friend's copy at the moment.

-- Zach (, February 28, 1999.

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