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This is a quick test you can get your relatives and friends to do:

Ask them to write down today's date.

If they write down a two digit year format then I am sad to say that in all probability come the Year 2000 they will either die or start outputting erroneous data.

There is still time to fix your relatives and friends, make sure you don't lose your loved ones. Get them to start writing down the full 4 digit year now!


If our world's society does collapse and we all end up being toast. Imagine in the future if Aliens visit our little blue world, they'll look at our computer data and think that our civilization's calender went only for 99 revolutions of the sun.

I can see the books now 'The Rise and Fall of the Human Civilization in 99 revolutions of their sun.'

At least we'll be famous and known throughout the Universe. :-)

Regards, Simon Richards

-- Simon Richards (, February 25, 1999


What makes you think that your not already being watched and assessed. Does not look good for earthlings from this vantage point. Earthlings shall not be thought of as famous throughout the Universe. Earthlings are thought of as pitiful and pests that the Universe will be well rid of. They have trashed and destroyed their own solar system in record time.

-- Superior (, February 25, 1999.

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