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Good-evening, This year we are planning a big wall trip to Yosemite. We are going to be there either the end of Oct. or the beginning of Nov. is this an o.k. time? what kind of weather should we be expecting? Also the routes we would want to do are the South Face or South Central of Washington Column or the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome. Are these a few good starting aid routes or does anybody have a better choice for us. Thanks again for your time. Robert

-- Robert Hecker (, February 25, 1999


Hi Robert,

That's a bit late in the season, it could be cold and rainy, but it might be nice and sunny too. Definitely do not go for Half Dome, it is at least 3000' higher than the Valley floor and will be cold, maybe even snowy.

S Face of the Column is a great winter route, it seems to be everybody's first wall climb.


-- George Bell (, February 25, 1999.

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