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(1) What's the different between vcd of ver2 and ver3? (2) Do vcd have AC-3 ?

-- Charles (, February 24, 1999


VCD 2.0 supports menus(suppose to anyways)but VCD 3.0 uses them extensively. VCD 3.0 can be compared to DVD but the quality is not. It is still video tape quality. VCD 3.0 has been supplanted by SVCD, CVCD, and DVD. No films thus far are encoded in VCD 3.0 and the hardware usually only does VCD 2.0. VCDs can have AC-3 but only if the manufacture encodes the film this way. However VCDs do not have DTS sound because the compression stinks(DVD with DTS sound have only the movie and nothing else because of DTS's space requirement).

-- T (, February 26, 1999.

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