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SHortages have started and so has panicking...slowly...more and more people GI and it is starting to pick up pace!

Has anyone else seen shortages??

The moe Government comesa out the more people will start to GI!

-- start (, February 24, 1999


start. One thing you will learn very quickly. Do not make generalized statements on this forum and then not back them up with facts (unless it's a theoretical type arguement). Shortages? What kind? Where? Don't be vague and expect to be taken seriously. Just friendly advice from someone that's been there. Lobo

-- Lobo (, February 25, 1999.

Let's analyze this thread.

"Shortages have started and so has panicking." Please give us proof. (1) What's in shortage? Food, water, shelter, exactly what, and where is your proof and is it nationwide? (2) Who is panicking? Where and in what form? "Slowly...more and more people GI." Just because someone hears about Y2K does not necessarily mean they get it totally and are doing anything about it. The "experts" get it, is Bill Gates alarmed? "The GIs are starting to pick up pace." What exactly are they racing to? Is Costco, Sam's Club, Wal Mart over run by GIs? Are they shutting their doors due to shortages of merchandise? Please give the name of store and location for verification. And finally, "The moe Government comesa out the more people will start to GI! What makes you think it's the government coming out with anything? The media right now is desperate for a story. They need an audience and ratings. They need people like you and me to get off this damn computer and listen to them and buy their sponsors products. Don't listen to the media, it's propaganda and hype. Your on the internet so let your fingers do the walking to get to the facts. Dig deep and you'll see where the real hype is at....the time is at hand...but not quite yet.

-- seer (, February 25, 1999.

Seer hits the nail right on the head. Details -always give specific details. Have not notices ANY real shortages in FL

SAM's had Coleman generators as of past weekend along with 50 lb. bags of rice, flour, and pinto beans etc. No empty shelves anywhere.

I ordered two Aladdin Lamps two weeks ago and they arrived this Monday.

Local Sporting goods store has all the Mt. House FD food you want to throw in your cart as well as Coleman lanterns, stoves, heaters, Fuel and Propane.

All gorcery stores have stocked shelves. I just don'e see any PANIC yet - "slow" or otherwise (hope I never do).


-- John Gardner (, February 25, 1999.

Well at my house there's a shortage of patients and money! Plenty of aruging and fighting....oh a shortage of space too. And what you can't get at all is the American dream! Seems to have disipered!!! Maybe just a glitch and it will come back someday. Probly not in my life time):

-- 2stressed (, February 25, 1999.

Business at my Mennonite store has picked up. I hardly ever say anyone there during the week except the occasionally regular. But now there are quite a few "townies" buying. I needed fruit jars, but thought they were a little high. I went on to Sav-A-Lot and they had a large empty space where jars had been; next to local chain grocery, they had only had small supply and sold out by noon. Wal-Mart's haven't come in yet, but the lady said they'd had dozens of inquiries, so check back often. But while at Wal-Mart I checked lamp oil, wicks, TP, Coleman items and they were fully stocked. But all the tomato seeds were gone from the 10@$1.00 rack. The higher priced seeds were abundant.

-- gilda jessie (, February 25, 1999.

I agree with the others that you do need some facts. Do not just come on here yelling this stuff woithout backing it up a little.

I will say this though. That within the last couple of days this board has been harder and harder to get on. Constant messages that reas it is too busy. Also a Y2K chat room I frequent has increased its attendance by about three times lately. I think more and more are becoming informed.

Just my own opinion!


-- PMM (, February 25, 1999.

I have not seen any panic. I HAVE seen signs of quiet preparation. I have noticed that generators are in shorter supply here. The store I bought my geni from had 7 medium to large generator models available when I bought one. A month later, they only had one large model available. I have also found that lamp oil and kerosene are becoming harder to find. I went to two different wallmarts, a family dollar, and a dollar store could not find the non-scented lamp oil. I went to two places i normally can get kerosene and they were out. I hope that is specific enough to pass the snooty responder test.

-- me (, February 25, 1999.

A lot of people, including myself, thought the headlines (at least in some papers) about the leaked Y2K senate report would start some minor panic. NOT SO! People (most, that is) just are not being heavily impacted by Y2K stories, hence no Y2K panic ---- which is good in many respects.

It gives the rest of us more time. Claims of generalized "panic" are very counterproductive and not supported by any concrete observations I've heard or seen.

As many have said, IF there is a panic it will proably be at the very end - therefore that much worse.

-- Jon Johnson (, February 25, 1999.

I don't know if it's a shortage or a panic but I do know that Sam's was out of canned Tuna this week and they haven't had brown sugar the past couple of weeks. I saw a report that Home Depot sells five generators a day - used to sell one per week. I took my generator in for repair and when I asked about one on the ground, the repair guy told me it was a 'home generator' (10KW) and cost about $8,000 that they were putting in that day. Things are definitely happening. Haven't seen any panic.

-- Rod (, February 25, 1999.

"PANIC"---is when you can't get in the store for the people. PANIC--is when you realize that the 11 cases of TP is actually soaking up the water from a leaky pipe..and has been. PANIC--is when your GI wife and another GI female friend sees you on Sat afternoon and says" Honey, we found an auction at a HARDWARE STORE!!" (and you just ordered a China Diesel.) Lobo

-- Lobo (, February 27, 1999.

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