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I personally produced all the data in my "First of its Kind Colloidal Silver Report". I monitored my silver elimination rate AFTER I had ingested approximately 2.6 mg of colloidal silver each day for several months. I then stopped taking the colloidal silver so that I could monitor how quickly my body was able to eliminate retained silver over time. Bill Schenker, MD helped me design the data gathering procedures.

The results are divided into two parts. The first part is a preliminary study showing the distribution of eliminated silver in hair, nails, perspiration, feces and urine. The second part, which represents the bulk of the study, concentates on monitoring silver distribution between feces and urine over time. These results reveal that there may be two different mechanisms controlling silver retention. Each one appears to be influenced by the quantity of silver already present in body tissue. I also discovered a simple way to increase silver elimination rate by a factor of 3.

This study cost me over $600, so I'm asking $20 to help offset my expenses.

If you want to receive a copy of the report, please send a check, money order or cash to:

Dr. Roger Altman Suite 254 301 N. Harrison St. Princeton, NJ 08540

P.S. This study is the first to present hard data about the body's reaction to ingesting significant amounts of properly prepared colloidal silver. So it would serve everyones interest if you would forward this message to as many friends and family as possible. Please don't procrastinate since, as we all know, it will be very difficult to get the word out after the new year.

-- Roger Altman (, February 24, 1999


Kudos to you Doctor, I applaud anyone in the medical field who is looking at Colloidal Silver closely. I am specifically looking for medical proffesionals that have done studies regarding the Anti- Bacterial nature of Silver. Do you have plans to conduct such a study, or be willing to if funds were made available? The specifics of what I seek are not so much "Does it work?" I have been LV Generated Colloidal Silver for 7 years now on myself my family and my pets with no ill effects and have enjoyed excellent health. I am seeking a better way to disperse Silver. I am interested in vaporizing Colliodal silver for inhalation for a more thorough dispersement and am curious if any of the Silver ions' electrical charge may be lost from this process. I currently use an atomizer to disperse silver but find it difficult to inhale. I would foresee a silver vaporizing unit tied into a home humidifier that constantly release sliver into the air. Any thoughts are welcome, Happy Thanksgiving. Sincerely, Mr. Peter Karhatsu.

-- Peter Karhatsu (, November 21, 2001.

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