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Hello group:

I just talked with Karen Keenan about the signatures needed for the Project Proposal form. She will be gone from March 4-9. She suggests that if you need her to sign her form, that you do that within the next short time span. She is at Chester Park school most days, and you can also call her at home to arrange for her signature. Don't delay for her or the others who need to sign your forms. My take is that there will be little flexibility as to the March 12 deadline.

Also, let's get a discussion going on the February 24 Toxic Child speaker. We need more people involved in the threaded discussion. That has been very spotty.

I'll see you soon and hope all is well.


-- Anonymous, February 24, 1999


I posted my reaction to the Attachment Theory presentation under Ask a New Question. I hope it showed up somewhere. I will not be in class on March 3 & 4. See you all on March 11.

-- Anonymous, February 25, 1999

Hi All, I have enjoyed all of your stories about math class. I too was not a math whizz, (understatement of the century)and hated math classes. At Madison when I was in college, I would get sick to my stomach just walking into my math class. NO KIDDING! I would take deep breaths so that I wouldn't throw up. I know that the teacher gave me a passing grade just because he saw how green I was every day!UGH! Are kids that are in education now, taught about multiple intelligences? I certainly hope that they are. Enough about Math! I'm having a very bad, no good, rotten week! Dave where are my jokes? I could really use a good laugh!

-- Anonymous, March 11, 1999

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