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Does anyone know where to get kero heaters at in the North Ohio area?

-- new seeker (, February 24, 1999


try Quality Farm and Fleet in Chardon

try ALL of the individual Home Depots/buildre's squares/Lowe's (DIY)'s (obviously by phone)

try the hardware store in Middlefield (sorry don't have a name)

If you are farther west you could try the Meijer chain, and for grins, stop in to any of the Hills that still have any liquidation stock for sale.

Hope that helps.

Chuck a night driv(COUGH COUGH)er

PS TRY SEARS, two weks ago the one in (I think RIchmond mall, but it might have been great Northern) had LOTS

-- Chuck, night driver (, February 24, 1999.

Try ------ -------- we got one for about $100. Make sure to get extra wicks...good luck

-- Sub-Mit (, February 24, 1999.

Got mine at Home Depot. Few weeks ago, but they are still in stock - down here at least.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, February 24, 1999.

Thanks all, Home Depot, for sure. If not, I be checking where Chuck said. I'm close to those. Thank you.

-- new seeker (, February 24, 1999.

It's like trying to find winter clothing right now. The stores are displaying their summer stock and anything to do with winter is a close-out item. Maybe you should check someplace like Harbor Frieght or the other well-known "overstock liquidator" stores. Even Sears has a division that sells their overstock and return items. Good luck.


-- Wildweasel (, February 24, 1999.

Try Sams or Wal-Mart.

I had to special order one from our local lumber yard. That was about two years ago when I became a GI. I noticed Sams is out of generators and my spouse even commented that the food supply there seemed really low on Saturday. Rice in 20 pounds bags was gone. Have never seen that before...not in 5 years of shopping there. Canned goods were very low too.

It's getting scary.

-- Dave (, February 24, 1999.

WildWeasel: Go to thrift stores year round to find good quality clothing to wear. Thrift stores don't care what season it is. Salvation Army today had a sale on their clothing...99 cents each! Bought beautiful Eddie Bauer sweaters, Levi jean jacket, sweat pants, sweat shirts. 90 percent of our clothing and shoes are imported! Clothing and shoes will be in short supply. We are a country of throw away and waste, we soon will become a country of scavengers and practical living. Can't wait to barter my warm sweaters to those who are use to shopping at Nordstroms.

-- bardou (, February 24, 1999.

GREAT buy in OHIO as the Builders Squares are going under. I just bought a kero heater (only 2 floor models were left) for 103.00 they are having a 10-30% off sale. Got a propane tank for 27.00. In days to follow prices will go lower. Get um while they last. Chuck, Builders Square even had wood burning fireplaces for 199.00. Also, Family Dollar sells the globe lamps, were 5.00 now are 2.99, plenty left in Parma by Goodmans sandwich shop (great corned beef) oil for the lamps is 1.00 for a big bottle. I bought the last 2. Batteries sell for 1.50 almost ALL gone. It appears today channel 3 states that Ohio Rep. Jim Petro has stated we havent enough money allocated. Oh my. I would tell all to focus on getting these heaters. Soon, you will not be able to. BTW, which is better, propane heaters or kero? Builders Square sold propane for 99.00 and 20% off that. I;m sooo confused. Should I of bought one of those too?????

-- consumer (, February 25, 1999.

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