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Bartering items will be an interesting situation in the next coming months and beyond. BUT for right now ; I am looking for a copy of the HOPI prophcey tape "KOYANNISQATSI" . I AM WILLING TO BATER 2 ALLADIN #23 WICKS FOR A COPY OF THE TAPE.!.

-- Furie (, February 24, 1999


Saw that film. It's not a prophecy tape as such, more a heavily stylistic documentary. There's no dialogue, just weird music. If you just want info on Hopi prophecy you might have more luck searching the Net.

Also, your local library might have this film -- I think ours does.

-- just (a@few.suggestions), February 24, 1999.

If you want to buy instead of barter (don't know the value of the Aladdin wicks you've got), has it for $14.95 plus S/H. (They also rent it, but rental plus S/H is $13.90.) Usual disclaimers apply - I have no stake in the company, etc., etc.

-- Don (, February 24, 1999.

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