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There is a small town in upstate South Carolina (just South of Spartanburg) called Startex. In earlier years, the town was called Tucapau (spelled as one resident believes). Recently, I was reading a book about the Piedmont & Northern RR, and noticed the author spelled the name as "Tucapa" in the text but it was not included on any of his maps. Since the Piedmont & Northern, Southern, and ACL passed through this town, perhaps someone has an old map with the official spelling for "Tucapa_." Thanks

-- Gene (, February 24, 1999



In a 1940 Southern Ry station list, Tucapau, SC is station #4129. In a 1952 Southern Ry station list, Startex, SC is station #4129. This should resolve the spelling issue and it helps narrow down when the town renamed (sometime between 1940-1952).

Hope this helps,

-- Barry Kimble (, February 24, 1999.

Tucapau is correct spelling .{indian word} changed to Startex 1936

-- coleman taylor (, February 04, 2001.

What does "Tucapau mean? In Native American Language I heard it meant one linen or one cloth, is this correct?

Also does anyone have any old pictures of the Startex Mill, Village, or plots? I would also so like to know when most of the mill houses were built there, and if anyone has any original home plans of the homes in that area.


-- Eric Rudy (, March 10, 2002.

Have already responded to first comment about Tucapau, but this is for Eric, who interested in old photos of Tucapau (now Startex):

Try one of the Thomason Brothers, who operate Thomason Brother Service Station in Startex. One of them is Ed but for life of me I can't remember the other who has become interested in Tucapau history.

I was born in Rock Hill but from age 7 or 8 grew up in Tucapau. In 42 graduated from Wellford-Lyman=Tucapau High School in Wellford. It no longer exists and students that area now attend James F. Byrnes High School in nearby Duncan.

For whoever might be interested: The old mill has been dismantled. Understand the bricks and other hardware went "overseas." For years now the village has been occupied mostly people who work elsewhere. Nobody remembers "the good old days." Most of the oldtimers have either died or moved away. Meanwhile, I will keep an eye for old photos for Eric. john wilson

-- John David Wilson (, February 01, 2003.

does anyone have pics, newspaper clippings, tokens "bobos" or the like from tucapau-startex ? i would like to copy and share some that i have

-- donald jones (, August 14, 2003.

I grew up in Tucapau/Startex, attended Elementry School in Old School across the River near Old Baptist Church. We lived in several places in those days: 1.Near railroad road tracks @ the old train Station, I went 1st grade to 4th grade at the old school.. School Principal was Me Snow, 1st Grade teacher Sarah Boyter, 2nd/3rd grades were conjoined with one teacher Miss O'Shields. 4th/5th grades also conjoined,Teacher Mrs sloan. and The 6th/7th Grades were taught by Mr Tucker.. I attended Junior High School 8th @ W.L.T in Wellford, then on to the 9th grade at Old D.R. Hill School in Duncan. I left D.R. Hill in 9th Grade at age16, fibbed about my age and managed to enlist in the U.S.Marine Corps in 1949..reported to Basic Training Feburary 1950.. While attending 9th Grade I also worked in the Mill as a Sweeper on 3rd Shift, (Worked and attend school) Other places I lived in Tucapau/Startex were: 20 Oak Street,3 Ash Street and at 7 Ash Street down by the Mill pond(Mi sister died at age 9 (Naomi Marie) while we lived at 7 Ash Street. M I remember Preacher HIPP at Methodist Church when he had that old Bullit nosed Studebaker Spent many hours cleaning old bricks as a kid to be placed in the New Church. And I remember the building of new Elementary School near the Methodist Church, and the New Baptist Church down the street,, I also remember the saddness felt by all when such landmarks as the Old Hotel on Main street, Old School and Old Baptist Church was demolished After Serving almost 30 Years in the Military I returned to the area and built a home(Builder Dotle Smith) in Danzler Hills near the James F. Byrnes High School. My two children Jeff & lisa graduated from there. I worked as a Police Officer for city of Greer, then as Deputy Sheriff in Spartanburg County(Sheriff Charles Alverson) I left the area to begin work overseas as as Engineer, and continued to travel to many places in the world.working for the Government in Cuba, Saudia Arabia, Iran, Kewaite, South America, Mosambique, Finally Turkey. I am "Semi Retired" now approaching 70 live in San Angelo, Texas and still doing work for U.S. Government. I might also add that: I did continue educating my self through the years. From a little readneck who left school in the 9th grade I have through a lot of hard work managed to Complete High School and obtain: Batchlors degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Business management, Contract Law, and finall a Doctor/Masters Degree in Quality Control & Safety management. I am now in my second marriage to a wonderful Turkish woman, 30 years younger that I am and we have a splended 10 year old son. Life Has been goo fo this ols Tucapau/Startex resident God Bless R.L. "Dick" Sanders PE, PhD,CSI Commander U.S Navy Retired

-- Richard Lamar Sanders, Mothers name Bonnie Smith,Sanders, Wofford,Clayton, Passed away June 6th 2002 (, September 16, 2003.

Check out this site:

-- Karen Jones (, January 03, 2004.

The Startex Historical Society's website has moved to Check this out for some great information on the people, stories, and lots of photos in regard to Startex, aka Tucapau.

-- Karen Jones (, October 21, 2004.

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