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IRS Year 2000 Project Goals and Overview


The Year 2000 project goals include:

oAll IRS in-house applications, production systems software and purchased commercial packages will be Year 2000 compliant by January 31, 1999.

oIRS applications will be analyzed, upgraded, tested and transmitted to production according to a well-defined phased deployment schedule.

oThe Year 2000 Conversion Project will minimize disruptions to ongoing maintenance, ensure positive customer relationships and prevent tax processing production errors.

In managing the Y2K process, IRS has grouped its software applications based on the hardware platform type on which the software resides. Some IRS systems, such as the Integrated Collection System (ICS), may have application programs from different tier categories.

TIER 1 applications include all mainframe-resident application programs such as Business Master File, Individual Master File, and National Account Profile. Typical installation locations include the Service's two computer centers, among Tier 1 Commercial Off-the-Shelf applications include all mainframe-resident commercial applications, such as the operating system, transaction monitors, compilers, and databases.

TIER 2 applications, both IRS-specific applications and COTS products, include mid-level, server-resident application programs such as Pyramid and Sequent. Typical installation locations include the National Office, the two computer centers, and District and Regional Offices.

TIER 3 IRS applications include all PC-resident application programs that were formally developed, excluding data files, such as spreadsheets, informal databases, project management files, or other artifacts of Commercial Off-the-Shelf software.

All IRS systems will be analyzed, converted, tested and transmitted to Year 2000 compliant production according to a 5-phase deployment schedule. The phases are based on the semi-annual IRS production cycles which end in January and July each year. The target conversion dates are:


Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5

------ --------- --------- --------- --------- ---------

Tier 1 1/31/1997 7/31/1997 1/31/1998 7/31/1998 1/31/1999

Tier 2 7/31/1997 1/31/1998 7/31/1998 1/31/1999

Tier 3 1/31/1998 7/31/1998 1/31/1999


-- Ray (, February 24, 1999


-- Burnt toast (I@tell.ya), February 24, 1999.

need more money for prep? Better in your hands than IRS'

-- a (, February 24, 1999.

So the Big Bad Wolf is dead? Sure sounded to be an eventual reality but some real players think otherwise...Much confusion here.Oh their fate is sealed to be sure but whether it is due to y2k meltdown or absolute rebellion by true Americans is anybody's guess.They rape and shall reap their destruction soon.May they die a painful death and wallow in the pool of blood from which they extracted from the people, for eternity.Amen

-- Abraxas (, February 24, 1999.

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