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Know that some of you don't like reading items of a religious nature on this board. But this one involves a recent prophesy of martial law that will be imposed within the next several months. Treason by our leaders is also addressed.

If posting of a religious nature bother you, please stop reading. Please be respectful of those you want to read them.

This is a message given to Carol Ameche who receives apparitions and messages from Jesus and his mother, Mary. This one was given on February 21, 1999.

Jesus said, "Dear one of My Heart, please receive My presence into your own heart, once again, and take words for My people. I am your Jesus Who invites all to partake of My Beauty, My Strength, My Peace. I love you mightily, daughter, and am so proud of you, and grateful for the progress you keep making toward truth and a greater understanding of the Father's Will, and the empty illusions of Satan.

NOTHING is real without My presence in it!

NOTHING will last without the Will and support of My Father.

NOTHING can live and grow properly without the life and love and vitality of Our Spirit; and

NOTHING can approach the throne of God without the humility and obedience of My Mother.

Carol, you are about to embark on an awesome journey of service to Our people. You are able to receive any and all information about your future without panic or a negative reaction. That is so necessary, little soldier, since the journey is darkened with increasing evil throughout the world from now on. You are comfortable with all Our desires for you, even though this means an agonizing wait through many delays. You have remained faithful to the call of My Father.

My Mother wishes to speak now, little one. Know that more gifts of discipline are yours tonight. And you are indeed correct, daughter. You are a wretched creature who can accomplish nothing without the Grace and Mercy of My Father."

Mary said: "Daughter, let us begin:

The world slumbers in a vague uneasiness, aware something is wrong,' but not really grasping the portents on its horizon.

Everywhere, intrigue is the framework for the dealings of one country with another. More than anything, lies and hatred are the food of international repasts. Everyone knows that all the decisions have been made and agreed to, by leaders of the major powers.

Each country plays its role in the events that ultimately set up the reign of the Anti-Christ (and the fulfillment of scripture, for these End Times), that will allow the One-World Order to take over the ENTIRE world! Each smaller nation will be a puppet in the hands of those who have the first and last say.

Your own country will be devastated by the plans of your leaders to allow foreign governments to take control and further subdue any retaliation on the part of loyal Americans. This is NOT about patriotism. This is about TREASON, at the highest level, of CRIMINAL activity. The One-World people are CRIMINALS, first and foremost, without consciences or an understanding of right and wrong.

There is a stage of development in the criminal mind when all prior understanding or acceptance of evil, immorality, or injustice, DIES! Plans and preparations are made on the basis of greed and lust for power. Nothing can stand in the way of these plans, except God Himself.

Only the love of Jesus in the hearts of the few Faithful Remnant will ultimately defeat the might that Satan has been allowed by the Father in order to accomplish the ultimate renewal of the world,--after My Jesus, your Savior and your King, returns to the Earth. You will be more convinced of this truth as you see and experience the growth of evil in the world, and the apparent success of the Anti-Christ and his followers.

There will be more attacks on innocent people in several parts of the world again this week.

According to the minds of terrorists, no one must be allowed to rest in peace again until they have conquered and subdued the enemy,'--which is the ENTIRE WORLD!

Daughter, if one is reading accounts of skirmishes in many places, you can see the pitiful deception going on through these events. Even though your media does not report truth, a perceptive and informed person will see the agreed-to plans playing out.

The criminal element in every part of the world will become more powerful and apparent, as major powers legislate any and every change that suits their needs.

Martial law, My dear ones, is only a matter of months away from being accomplished in this land of opportunity!

Please have all of your sacramentals and your souls in order!

Plan to depart for safety with pure hearts and a mind filled with humility and obedience.

Trust in these words, dear ones of My Immaculate Heart.

You will NEVER be without direction or words of warning regarding impending events.

These words are meant to encourage you to believe in Our promises of protection, and to keep you vigilant and alert. You will not need to figure anything out on your own. Just be aware and praying every moment you can, and know that your future is assured as a child of God and heir of His Kingdom.

Daughter, please plan to take more information from My Heart to yours at many intervals during this week. We will not allow you to be uninformed about unfolding plans of Satan and the Anti- Christ.

These words are meant to assure Our people of the Earth that they will never be abandoned or left wondering what to do. The Father's plans include EACH ONE who remains faithful and perseveres on this journey into Heaven or into the New Era on Earth! There are so many events of a mighty nature to occur before My Jesus' return.

It is most important, children of My Heart, that you continue to pray for patience, for yourselves and all of those who pray. Only those good intentions that are supported with action will bring you into an eternal bliss and joy in Heaven. Please do not become lethargic in your responses to My requests.

I am coming to you with the greatest love and gratitude for your love, but with a motherly concern about your ability to endure the long periods of waiting that are included in the Father's desires for His people.

ABSORB ALL THE LOVE I BRING TO YOU, MY CHILDREN. It will protect you from the attacks of the evil intentions of the Anti-Christ and his followers.

Stay close to Me now, dearest ones. Come in peace, and trust, and faith in all the words of Heaven.


Be filled with anticipation for all that is about to take the people of the Earth through the most momentous times in history. Praise and thank the Father for choosing you to live at this time, and be an integral part of His plan of salvation for all His people.

PERSEVERE, MY LOVED ONES, WITHIN THE TWO HEARTS! Fill these days of Lent with joyful prayer and penance, and you will be filled with the glorious joys of Easter in an unprecedented way.

I am your Mother who will walk with you, next to you, as together we marshall the faithful of the world through all the events of the future. Be with Me in mind and heart at every moment, please. You must stay so very close in order to survive all that will attempt to interfere and destroy your mission and your soul.

I know that your trust is great, and you do not fear whatever lies ahead. It is why you were chosen so long ago by the Father, and will overcome every adversity and danger.

Be filled with peace, daughter."

(End of 2/21/99 message)

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Carol Ameche and her husband, Don, have been members of Ste. Maria Goretti Parish in Scottsdale, Az., since 1981. They have five adult children and 11 grandchildren. Carol was a cantor for ten years, actively involved for seven years in the RCIA program there, acting as the director for two.

For the past eight years Carol has been speaking in many parts of the country bringing encouragement to prayer groups with messages of hope, joy and spiritual preparedness for an impending act of God's mercy to all of humanity: the illumination of our minds to the state or our souls, known as the "Mini-Judgment," or "Warning," which will precede the Second Coming of Jesus.

Special themes presented include Marian devotion, Eucharistic adoration, Reconciliation with an emphasis on the Mercy of God as revealed by Jesus to Blessed Faustina Kowalska, the encyclical, RICH IN MERCY, by His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, and our preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Carol has published a book (which contains a continuation supplement,) AS WE WAIT IN JOYFUL HOPE, with an introduction by Bishop Roman Danylak, of Toronto, Canada. The book narrates her experiences, recent developments in her prayer life, and traces the developments at Medjugorje, Ste. Maria Goretti church, and gives information for preparing ourselves for these End Times before the Second Coming of Jesus and the Triumph of the Two Hearts.

Carol has been receiving locutions since May of 1992 and recently co-authored another publication with Harriet Hammons titled, DO WHATEVER LOVE REQUIRES, (Queenship Publishing) which contains messages given to both women from Jesus, Mary, God the Father, and seven of the Saints. This book was specifically requested by Jesus to benefit His faithful, for their preparation for the times before and after the Warning. Our Lady Herself called it, "...a wonderful treatise on the journey back to the Father through the Hearts of Jesus and Mary."

Carol is available to speak to your group if you wish to contact her. All she requires is a plane ticket and home in which to stay. You may contact her directly:

Carol Ameche 7814 E. Northland Scottsdale, AZ. 85251 Tel: 1-602-990-8012 Fax: 1-602-990-3825

Her books, AS WE WAIT IN JOYFUL HOPE (plus its "CONTINUATION' supplement,) and DO WHATEVER LOVE REQUIRES, may be obtained from:

Queenship Publishing Co. PO Box 42028 Santa Barbara, California 93140-2028 . Toll free ordering telephone number inside the USA: 1-800-647-9882

************************************************************* PRAYER ASKED OF US FROM JESUS via Carol Ameche, Scottsdale, Arizona, on January 20, 1998.

Father, we kneel before Your Majesty and ask Your action In our lives and in the world. Enact Your plan now, Father, to bring all Your people back to You In love and remorse and repentance.

Allow Your Justice, guided by Your Mercy, To pour forth upon the waiting world that knows not Your Love and power. Bring us back to Your loving arms and scoop us up in Your Mercy and forgiveness.

You are Our God and Our Creator, Our Savior and Our Sanctifier. We beg You, Father, receive our prayers and answer us. Amen.


-- John (, February 24, 1999


As far as I know, the Catholic church hasn't yet spoken on this particular matter. However, Catholics are NEVER required or directed to put their faith in ANY private communications, even the ones that the church actually has approved (Fatima, Lourdes, & a handful of others). Far more often the church directs people NOT to listen because the messages contain doctrinal errors. Let the reader beware.

-- has seen (such@stuff.elsewhere), February 24, 1999.

It is interesting to me that no one ever backs up their prophecy with the Scriptures! If you do not understand the prophecies relating to this time then you do not understand enough to be prophesying.

Last prophecy I read had to do with the total destruction of San Francisco on Dec. 12, 1998. SF is still there no nukes hit it.

Tell your friend that if she wants to prophesy then she must begin to study the Scriptures, after she does that she will be able (maybe) to make a prediction, she will discover things that are difficult to teach people and they will throw her out of the church she is in.

Been there!

-- Mark Hillyard (, February 24, 1999.

Got stones?

-- Rocky (, February 24, 1999.

Don't post this material on this newsgroup. It is entirely inappropriate.

-- BigDog (, February 24, 1999.

And the white buffalo was born to the Native Americans. Maybe everyone is receiving their "sign". My sign is Wal Mart and I am going there right now to buy more food. Today/this week, because of the Senate report coming out, might be the turning point for the herd and I don't want to be in the stampede. (I use humor but have respect for what others beleive)

-- Linda A. (, February 24, 1999.

Come on you fundamentalists........What's good for the goose is good for the gander. If I had said I had a vision from Mary, you would have jumped all over me and told me that I had been visited by a lying spirit as Mary is just a mere mortal who was used by God, and is now in heaven and doesn't visit anybody.

Am I right .......Arlin, Nabi, flierdude, Gayla, RayKwong, etc.

-- Craig (, February 24, 1999.

You must be bored Craig. I haven't seen you so anxious for an argument in a while. Not today. Still behaving myself . . .

-- David (, February 24, 1999.

Craig, only because you are such fun to "play" with! :-) Seems like you're "itching" for a good argument these days. Sorry! Just trying to honor Big Dog's request.

-- Gayla Dunbar (, February 24, 1999.

David & Gayla........

Oh you guys are so Boooooooooooring this morning!! I thought maybe someone would want to play the "Dave Hunt" card......

We could do it the Monty Python way.... #1 I came here for an argument #2 No you didn't #1 Yes I did #2 No you didn't #1 Yes I did #2 No you didn't #1 Yes I did #2 No you didn't #1 Ha ha.....I've got you! If I didn't come for an argument, why are you are arguing with me? #2 I'm not arguing with you, I'm merely taking an opposing view.... #1 No you're not #2 Yes I am #1 No you're not #2 Yes I am........

This is just silly. Stop it now. We can't have silly here. No more silliness please. This is the silliest thread of the day. Sensible people have long since left the building......Go away, all of needn't be reading this silliness.......

Okay, I've wound down now.....

Anyway, in the spirit of fairness then, I expect that you will sit quietly by and not debate the authenticy of the next Marian Prophecy that I post........Funny thing, I almost feel one coming on......

-- Craig (, February 24, 1999.

"This is just silly. Stop it now. We can't have silly here. No more silliness please. This is the silliest thread of the day. Sensible people have long since left the building......Go away, all of needn't be reading this silliness....... "

Craig, this is a GREAT dIEteR impersonation, but you forgot to add some CaPs! :-)

-- Gayla Dunbar (, February 24, 1999.

Craig, your post is missing something . . . hmmm . . . ahhh yes, it doesn't sound quite right . . . it needs the Monty Python accent. Where's Richard Dale when you need him???

-- David (, February 24, 1999.

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