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Does anyone know the official line about allies in the new version? I assume that the lack of rules on the subject is so that there are no concrete rules that can be abused by cheesy players, and that players can agree on rules for allies between themselves. In that case, can anyone suggest suitable agreements that are being used successfully in games for the 3rd version of WH40K? Thanks

-- Anthony Finnigan (, February 24, 1999


Well, I don't know the official rules on it, but I figure if you use two sepaerate force organisation cards, like when you fill up the first one, it should be pretty fair. Me and a friend are working on an army of the impirium army list, with marines, impies, and planetary guard. What we figure, it would end up working like the different army lists from the 2nd edition chaos codex. What we'll do though, is choose a primary army, then any other allies would be restricted from special characters, and a minimum of eletes, heavy support and fast attack. it seems fair, so it won't generate armies like the dreaded space marine army with a level 4 librarian, and two level four squat ancesors in exo-armor, on bikes, as the only allies. talk about cheeze! that's almost as bad as someone playing with 4 vindicaire assasins.

-- Lt. Col. Williams (, March 04, 1999.

i think that you should be able to have the same allies as second edition ( ie marines and guard, dark eldar and chaos etc.) and only be able to have one orginization chart. my brother is currently working on a half space marine half guard army and its working well filling up nearly every slot

-- Philip Shannon (, May 04, 1999.

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