NBC finally will air the long awaited Rape story of Ms. Juanita Broaddrick Wednesday night at Prime Time Life!!

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NBC finally will air the long awaited Rape story of Ms. Juanita Broaddrick Wednesday night at Prime Time Life!! If not edited much, it could turn public opinion soon! Here's Drudge Report tonight "NBC WARMS UP 'JANE DOE' INTERVIEW; TIM RUSSERT PHYSICALLY SICK AFTER WATCHING BROADDRICK TAPES

**Exclusive** NBC NEWS has taken its interview with Jane Doe #5 out of the freezer -- and has put it into the oven!

On Wednesday night at 8 pm ET [Family Hour?] NBC NEWS will broadcast an exclusive television interview with Juanita Broaddrick, a woman who has accused Bill Clinton of rape.

"This was the hardest day of my life since I lost my father in '71," Broaddrick told a producer from NBC NEWS after her five hour interview.

The interview was scheduled to air on Jan. 29, at the height of the impeachment trial in the Senate, but it hit resistance from NBC NEWS executives.

One month later, NBC NEWS has announced that it will now air that interview -- an interview that made one NBC NEWS superstar physically sick after he watched it! The DRUDGE REPORT has learned that NBC NEWS Washington Bureau chief Tim Russert got sick to his stomach when he viewed the five hour session between NBC NEWS reporter Lisa Myers and Broaddrick.

Russert told associates that Broaddrick's story left him speechless and upset him physically after he viewed raw tapes of the interview. Broaddrick tells NBC NEWS, in graphic detail, how Bill Clinton raped her back in 1978. Broaddrick had denied under oath that such an assault occurred.

Clinton lawyer David Kendall issued a denial last week. "Any allegation that the president assaulted Mrs. Broaddrick more than 20 years ago is absolutely false," Kendall said. "NBC is just trying to compete with the GRAMMY AWARDS," one White House source told the DRUDGE REPORT on Tuesday afternoon. "This is a sweeps stunt!" charged another Clinton supporter.

NBC NEWS reporter Lisa Myers was en route to New York from Washington late Tuesday night, according to network sources.

Myers will anchor her Broaddrick story in-studio for DATELINE. A source close to Broaddrick on Tuesday evening questioned if NBC NEWS has edited out the most dramatic moments of the interview."

We knew this story will eventually come out AFTER the Senate vote. The government-Media Complex at work. Capital Hill Report documented over 10 women who claimed to have been raped /harrased by Clinton !

-- Ray (Kcorner@hotmail.com), February 24, 1999


It won't make any difference. The liberal/socialist democratic constinuency which supports Clinton cares only about the end-goal: multiculturalism, wealth-redistribution and social programs. In short - Marxism.

The "Moral Majority" never was more than a minority. For more thoughts from the person who coined the phrase "Moral Majority", click here.

-- Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@anonymous.com), February 24, 1999.

Wednesday the 24th is a very bad day to air the interview because it may eclipse an even bigger story, also happening on Wednesday the 24th. Bloodgate victims from Canada are having a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC. They are suing a number of US individuals and organizations. Wonder if the President will be one of them.

-- b (b@b.b), February 24, 1999.

Yup........how more moral can you get than having 5% of the people having 95% of the wealth? Trick question.....simple answer.....how about 1% of the people having 99% of the wealth.....Why that would simply be a sign of how much God was blessing them!!

-- Craig (craig@ccinet.ab.ca), February 24, 1999.

"Yup........how more moral can you get than having 5% of the people having 95% of the wealth? Trick question.....simple answer.....how about 1% of the people having 99% of the wealth.....Why that would simply be a sign of how much God was blessing them!! "

This is definately a problem. I read at one point, that collection of wealth in the hands of the few is cyclic, and tends to preceed (cause, actually) war/revolution.

However, I think it is worth noting that the US public, in practice, will stoop to anything. I can't imagine much outrage over Clinton raping a woman by the "Immoral Majority".

Taking money from the people who earn it and giving to the people who don't won't make better people. It just makes the rich poorer, and the poor richer.

-- Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@anonymous.com), February 24, 1999.

Take the political b. s. somewhere else. This is a Y2K board. Focus.

-- Eye on Y2K (bugscaresme@mellinium.com), February 24, 1999.

The Senate Y2K committee has just called the Y2K problem "one of the most serious and potentially devastating events this nation has ever encountered".

It isn't relevant that at the time this event strikes us, we will be being led by a RAPIST? Clinton is not just unscrupulous, not just a liar, not just a man with a zipper problem - this is a genuinely evil person who will balk at nothing. This has everything to do with Y2K.

-- Ned (entaylor@cloudnet.com), February 24, 1999.

Anon99, You were part right. It makes the rich poorer, but the poor more dependent. The reason they do not get richer is, they blow the money. That is why so little is being paid attention to by the masses. The government has breed a generation of dependent sheeple. They do not know any other way than to trust the govt. , well it is about to backfire.

-- Steve Watson (swatson@excite.com), February 24, 1999.

"Broaddrick had denied under oath that such an assault occurred."

uh, duh...what's wrong with this picture? And why wasn't she just bumped off by Clinton's hit squad?

You anti-Clinton people are a fucking riot.

-- a (a@a.a), February 24, 1999.


You defend a perjurer, liar, sexual harasser, a man who dishonored the presidency, split the nation for a year, and now, drum roll please you defend a rapist. You are blind.


-- b (b@b.b), February 24, 1999.

b: Listen asshole, me and Bill live in the USA...and the last time I checked, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Why are some on this thread calling him a rapist? He has not been convicted, he has not even been indicted. We have the 20 year old tale of some old bag that previously denied the assult while under oath.

Note that I am not defending immoral behavior, rather I am protecting against the trampling of our constitutional rights BY OVERZEALOUS FANATICS SUCH AS YOURSELF.

The only crime the Republicans could find to pin on our President was lying about a sexual affair. AND THEY COULDN'T EVEN CONVICT HIM OF THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- a (a@a.a), February 25, 1999.

a, that person b above is not an asshole - he happens to have morals and principles and expects the same from the president. He is entirely correct.

It is you that is the asshole a, I find your rabid support of this admitted liar, draft dodger, adulterer and perjuror quite disgusting - take your head out of your ass for once in your life.

Don't bother replying - I already know what you are going to say.

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), February 25, 1999.

Slick Willie has caused this entire nation to turn on each other. The above comments are a good example. He is a sick, perverted man that needs help. Maybe we should throw him in the slammer with Mike Tyson.

-- Dave (dave22@concentric.net), February 25, 1999.

I have to retract the statement I made on another thread about the Broaddrick story bringing Clinton down. This morning on CNN, -is it Joan Chen? you'd think I could remember her name - the Broaddrick situation was sent back to the bushes. Very firmly.

Ted Turner LOVES Clinton. And, shockingly, so does Stephen King - donated 20K, was it? to his legal defense fund.

-- Lisa (lisa@work.again), February 25, 1999.

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