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It is time to lay y2k on the line! First, those of you that have, and are preparing, TEST what you have. Does the grain mill have all the parts it should? Is the wire for the solar panels heavy enough? Will the barrels hold water? Do you have enough wood? Do you have extra wicks for the old Kero-Sun? I could go on forever with these questions, but I won't. You should get the drift by now. I have read thousands of lines of print, and to many people have not tested their on preperations. If it doesn't work, you have very little time to fix it!

Forget about who is done, what is being fixed, and who will continue! There are NO MORE QUESTIONS! We are headed for the scrap heap of history. The systems WILL FAIL! There WIIL be worldwide economic collapse. The sooner we all quit dancing around this issue, the sooner we put things back together. Our ass is grass! How much proof do you all need? How many threads will it take? For Gods sake, can't we start discussing where we go after 01-01-2000? This is not a game folks! Let us stop trying to outdo each other with daily information. If you are a GI by now, I have tickets for the TITANIC for sale! Gold coins or small bills only! Let us know about prep problems and how you solved them!!!!!!!!!!

-- Scotty (, February 24, 1999



"For Gods sake, can't we start discussing where we go after 01-01- 2000?"

Who wants to talk about war? Got ammo?

Peace will come but the trouble first!

-- Mark Hillyard (, February 24, 1999.

Scotty, you are yelling, you are fanatical, you are a troll. Why are you posting such a thread? Get real! We all know it, we are all prepared, we don't need you to lead us by the hand. By the way, why would I want to buy tickets to your Titanic? Your full of shit! P.S. Your gold ain't worth shit!

-- bugerpie (, February 24, 1999.

Yes I have ammo, and more guns than I care to think about! You have missed the point! Their are people out here that really need some direction! Telling them there is a problem here, or a fix there, is at this point, a waste of time!!!!!!!! The heard is about to break through the fence !!!!!!!!!!! Time is not on our side !!!!!!!! Tell them what you have done!!!!!!!!!! Tell them HOW THEY can do it. The damn clock is ticking folks!!!!!!!! ED, give me some help here.

-- Scotty (, February 24, 1999.

Spend your day testing--your nights reading. If you are so sure we're not ready, why are you on the web? You should be reading "Back to Basics" and absorbing data you can use instead of our mindless ramblings. Go take your lithium. Lobo

-- Lobo (, February 24, 1999.


FWIW, I know how you feel. I, too, have been guilty of using too many exclamation points !! It's a hard habit to break, but I'm doing better !

Seriously, I do understand you sense of urgency. Have been preaching same for a while now. Some here are just a little more guarded on the retoric they use.

There are many here who are not convinced yet as to just how many demons CAN sit on the head of a pin. And the discussions must proceed. I'd make a bet at 7-4 odds that somewhere, some one of the terminally optimistic will someday be typing out a long involved (probably emotional) argument as to why all this bad stuff just simply *cannot* happen and in the middle of the post the lights go off, for good, of at least a good while. That's when well see the "conversion" rate skyrocket. Unfortunately, there are some who will not get it until it gets them.

Some talk, some do, some do both. Some have done done all the do-ing and are trying to convince others.

BTW, I think you meant to say "If you are NOT a GI by now, I have tickets..." didn't you?

-- Greybear, who still wants to S-C-R-E-A-M once in a while too !!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Got Time?

-- Greybear (, February 24, 1999.

More people have prepared than will admit it. Some started a while ago and have gone stealth. We guess that almost everyone is aware and understands that there is a problem. Even those who claim there isn't a problem know. It's like Carl Rowen, the anti-gun writer in DC who had an unregistered gun and used it.

The questions at hand are, 1) when will the general panic start. We were talking about it last night and guess that it will be in October or November. 2) How bad will the primary event be. The primary event being the infrastructure collapse. Although Cory says that he doesn't know, our guess is that it will be worse than the great depression. To that end, DragonRanch is being prepped for complete independence, off-grid, self sustaining, duplicates of critical equipment. 3) What can we do to help our neighbors and community? DragonRanch has not been a great source of agricultural products. We are changing that with the orchards. We will produce more feed for our neighbors who dairy farm, as long as the Diesel holds out.

Every day, we do test the systems. We have half-way through significant upgrades, new buildings, walls, fences, repairs. We'll be as ready as we can be. More details will be in a future DC Y2K Weather Report.

-- The Baron (, February 24, 1999.

You can send a person an invitation to a party, but they still might not show up.

I have warned countless people about the potential of Y2K "disruptions", what do I get? Ridicule! Towards fall this will turn to resentment, because I have prepared. I let them know they can't come knocking, when the shit hits the fan. Let's hope their "government" will save their sorry asses somehow, but if they can't, it won't be me.

-- Bill (, February 24, 1999.

Folks, strip out the exclamation points, turn down the volume and teh message is STILL one we (you) need to hear. If I hadn't run a couple pounds through the mill, I would never have found out the need to lube one of the bearings until I had destroyed it. If I hadn't lit the Alpaca cooker, I would still be worrying about how much Coleman fuel I needed (answer=a LOTLESS than I used to think!!) If I haddn't tried the solar battery charger, I wuold have relied on it to do a much better job (damn, now I need either 6 more or a change in strategy!).

Mrs Driver and I have gotten to the point we don't even say it naymore, wejust look at each other and say "Number one!" and go on. Number One stands for "It's a good thing we found out now" or "I'd rather know now than when it mattered".

Much like Scotty, I am afraid that there are a LOT of folks out there who are taking comfort in the nice shiny-wrapped, chrome-trimmed, Super-Ultra 2000 Survival Widget Kit In A Box, who have not taken it out, unwrapped it, and found that it has to be pluged in to a 440 V AC line to work (and needs 80 amp service to boot! LOL).

Run a couple pounds through the mill and find out just what it will take to convert the wheat berries to bread flour (and if you are my age you'll RUN down to Sams and get another FOUR bottles of 500 ea Ibuprofen). Tune up the bike and ride it (and don't forget the spare tires (2 per), the spare chains (1 per), the spare derrailure (-2sp) cables (1 per), and the spare brake cables (1 per), and teh spare tubes, pedal sets, etc.), burn ammo like it was water (you can always get another couple thousand rounds now, but the practice is invaluable), test the effective range of that Barnet Crossbow and that blowgun, too. Unless it's a duplicate, any sealed wrapper you unwrap on Dec. 25, 1999 is wrapped around something that will kill you in Jan. 2000.

Just my US$.02, in my NTBHO.

Chuck, a night driver

gotta get rid o' this by next Fri(!!) or they'll never do my eyes!

-- Chuck, night driver (, February 24, 1999.

Scotty - the modern Paul Revere of our day.

Hmmmmmm......Scott Revere and His Cyber Ride. "One if by panic, two if by failure!"

"Y2K is coming! Y2K is coming!"

Not a bad idea.

'Cept that most folks are fast asleep with selective hearing earplugs to drown out any noise except how their 401K's are doing.

To all our peril.

Got Flents?

-- INVAR (, February 24, 1999.

Scotty: For some discussion on "where we go after 01-01-2000" check out the thread called "TBOTWAWBI" (The beginning of the world as we build it). hr

-- Rob Michaels (, February 24, 1999.


Burn ammo for what? What is it specifically that you feel you will need to be shooting at after Y2K is here?

-- Craig (, February 24, 1999.


-- Mitchell Barnes (, February 24, 1999.


oh man, GB said it well - everybody wants to scream sometimes, but we just keep going. Yeah we should be doing shake downs by now, but many of us are still accumulating (have you *seen* the price of .44 Mag ammo lately??? yikes!) and shaking down as we go - for everyone like the Baron there are dozens of us who are scrambling and will be doing so up until it's time to go to silent mix my metaphors...

In any case for those of us coming from a conservative Christian perspective it is neccessary for us to continue warning people as long as possible. Even for those who are not Christians, it makes sense in survival terms to have as much as possible of the population at least minimally ready, both in order to minimize direct casualties, and to lessen infrastructural damage due to rioting, thus reducing the threats to the individual.

meanwhile, discussion of the 'after' is probably pretty moot at this point, primarily because we don't know exactly who/what is going to make it through to the other side, and as such anything more than generalizations are actually counter-survival in that they will lead people to focussed preparation which may be pointed in the wrong direction.


-- Arlin H. Adams (, February 24, 1999.

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