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I need some help today. I received this e-mail from a long-time friend who lives out of state:


Thanks for the y2k information. Question, is there a web site that gives concise step by step detailed information for a community of people, for example a church, to prepare for the impact period right after y2k hits? A friend is heading up a committee of people to put together a strategy to help one another in a worse case scenario and everything in-between. Thanks.

[end of e-mail]

The first two sites that came to my mind are The Cassandra Project...

...and the Joseph Project...

Any other sites you can think of appropriate to the e-mail I got would be much appreciated. Thanks!

-- Kevin (, February 23, 1999


This might help:


-- Ray (, February 23, 1999.

Hi Kevin: I found this in yesterday's Jim Lord article and it looks like it may be of interest for your friend. Hope it helps, Rob.

-- Rob Michaels (, February 23, 1999.

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