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Hello to all the friends thats in the boat: Thanks for your very friendly answers to my survey. I am afraid I am unable to get anything that any news to any of you since you know how many answers that I got. To those of you that would like, I would like to count you among my friends. All were I think honest, scared, need to make some sense of all the BS not only of y2k, But a lot of you are wondering, and I think, hoping that the whole things fall down so far underground that we may have a life with neighbors and family once again. WELL, remember me when it happens, We need a cleansing of peoples minds, attitudes of our country and our servanthood to politicans, education, goverment.

My positions is that I don't owe nothing to nobody except my GOD, my family, My friends,neighbors,work a good day for my boss,help keep my country strong in defense,and help the poor that I want to help. Always give a person a chance until he lies, steals,or wants my wife, my dog or my pocket knife.After that he is on my sh** list a a person that should be shuned and fed like I feed my dog.

I don't need all this y2k mess along with a lieing president congressman, newsman that don't know black from white ahole in the ground or prevention.

I Have all that I need to survive for the next ten years. To buy sell barter or raise my own food.

I hope for a day when a man does work for me he will fix it like he going to be using it himself for a long time. I hope to hear a person running for office that will say I can't do such things to the people who give me my job. I hope to see people come and say its my fault let me make up for my error. Most of all I hope to hear the young come home and tell their parents that they know how this country was formed,and tell them where the statue or wall stands that have mens names that guaranteed those rights that gave them the chance to read The Ten Commandants, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and all the other great documents that should be taught in every home.

The pole is too high its getting wobbly from overload at the top. Thats why I believe TSWHTF regardless of y2k. People are empty at the bottom of their hearts and their heads are filled too much with make believe. Thats why I prepare for y2k, madman, no rain, dustbowl, stupid act of man or God himself coming between man and himself.

When it happens people won't see color tvs, they will hear sounds and odors.

Justed wanted you to know I believe in changes. I'm here GOD.


-- Lon Brock (, February 23, 1999



You seem like a pretty complex person yet with subtle basic humanity that will take you far. Your survey was a great idea I think there ought to be more like it in the future. This country and the world is in some pretty deep crap and it's time for change. I for one may not come across as very educated about the world because of my view of Y2K but I know damn well how the world works and regardless of my opinions of God I also know people get what they put into this world. Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of a better country with more freedom. Even though I don't necessarily think Y2K will directly lead to that I can see something on the horizon of great magnitude.

I'm here too, for what it's worth.

-- (, February 23, 1999.

AES .. I lived through the great depression as a young boy growing up in CT. ....walked a mile and back to buy a man a pack of Lucky Strikes; hoped he would give me a nickle ( which he generally did ). No one locked their doors then and a man's word WAS his bond. People loved their country, not for what it could give them, but for all the pride that came from being an a American , in what was then "The land of the free and the home of the brave." Now we live in a land where our presiden is a KNOWN liar, womanizer, COWARD and a cheat... but that's O.K. .. "He's doing a good job." At WHAT ??? I believe this is all going to pass 'by the boards' and we WILL be able to teach our grandchildren all those worthwhile values again , and the political leaches will be having back pains from so much ' stoop ' labor in my gardens ( well, an old man can still dream, can't he ? Or did they pass a law against that too ??? ) With overt 2,000,000 laws , rules and regulations in country, it's hard to keep up. Eagle

-- still dreaming (Eagle, February 25, 1999.

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