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Other than being able to confirm the actual outage, I am waiting for the person who read this online to return from lunch and give me the URL.

Yesterday in north Texas, we had a long distance outage. With AT&T we could not send or receive long distance calls. It was even impossible to contact AT&T on a cellular. (They're all long distance or 800 numbers.)

I was told just now that some news site reported that this was the result of AT&T testing their Y2K solution. (Needs more work I guess.)

Like I said at the beginning, this is unconfirmed and I'm working on getting the URL. Has anyone else heard of this?

-- Tod (, February 23, 1999


Still waiting. We'll see in the morning.

-- Tod (, February 23, 1999.

Well, I'm going with the theory that this is a fake report as it now comes out the guy says he heard it on an AM talk radio show....

-- Tod (, February 24, 1999.

Total B.S. on the AT&T story as it applies to wireless networks. I work at Ericsson Wireless Communications (infrastructure vendor for 33% of the World's wireless networks) as a Systems Engineer and support AT&T Wireless with regards to outages and problem resolution. They have not had any serious outages within the past 8 mos. in fact the N. Dallas network has very decent ISP (In Service Performance) of less than 30 minutes downtime for the past 6 mos.

-- Bill (, February 24, 1999.

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