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Been awhile since I have been on the forum, so G'day from the land of Oz.

Anyhow I have got a few serious questions for you out there, one of my associates is working on a policy document for the Clinton administration. I received a phone call from her on dinner time requesting any information on the status of the global telecommunications network. (yes that is right, Australians putting together strategies for your government, amazing where we find ourselves at times) Now, we have inside info that Australia telecom is facing some pretty serious problems in meeting the deadline, also we understand the problems the communications network is having isolating their systems for testing purposes, so there is that as an 'unknown factor' to consider. So then, my question is - What is your understanding of the (Australian) and global (Asian), and your American position on continuity of telecommunications service delivery up to and beyond the century change? Will the telecommunication giants be able to guarantee the preservation of their global network services? what have is the word on the street out there. (we need to get confirmation before we can put the document into action) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a few curly ones ol' friends. I knew I could count on you folks for the goods as your are all seriously Y2K literate. I read where your AT&T is being amalgamated with another communications carrier, is this correct? if so what is the reason, is it Y2K prompted or just a political move on behalf of the shareholders? I personally believe it is Y2K prompted as the timing would fit in with the insider info we have been hearing for the last few months.

Please any feel free to respond to ------------------------------- Re Timothy J wilbur Beyond 2000 Awareness project Rosebank 2480 NSW Austral;ia

-- Timothy J Wilbur (, February 23, 1999


Here ya go.

-- Maria (, February 23, 1999.

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