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Lots of programs used in the group are written by external Companies (e.g Heyde AG [PICK and PACK]) but using SAP-Environment. There are two suppliers, pinching the "ball" from one side to the other. That results in situations, that e. g. Heyde blames SAP and the way back SAP points at Heyde for Y2K-Problems.

How can we avoid situations like this? I case of an general fault with shutting down companies operation - who is responsible and in fact who has to pay our expenses?

-- Edgar Jung (, February 22, 1999


Unfortunately, there is no simple solution for that. In case of 2000-related problems, it has to be checked precisely in which part of the software the mistake occurred and who out of several partners is responsible for that special part. Only if the program is purchased by one supplier using his own sub-suppliers the one selling the whole package is responsible for the entire program (unless otherwise agreed).

-- Dr. Gerd Hagena / RA W|rth (, March 02, 1999.

In case of Heyde is in fact the whole WMS bougth under the option, that the software is Y2K-able and abel to stand a release-change. The special contract options You can look on in AWKG at office of J.Hdckel or for sure at marbet swiss (they made officially the contract with heyde ag).

greetings, volker

-- Volker Ziegler (, March 19, 1999.

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