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I would like to thank the partipants of this forum for the many source and survival tips. In the past, I have refrained from posting due to my tendancy to shoot from the hip. Now I think I may be able to give something back.

There seems to be a lot of speculation on the effect of Y2K and the Govt response. Martial law seems to be likely and GN doesn't believe that is sustainable,in part due to power and comm failure. I disgree. Uncertainty is a problem which leads to paralysis. There is a way to address that. Choose a TEOTWAWKI scenario which the Govt has planned for. Bear in mind that the FIRST priority of a govt is it's own survival and the paranoia stemming from that.

I only know of only one event that could have and still can totally blackout power/comm systems. EMP.

The most elegegant first strike scenario involved a high altitude detonation of three stategically placed nukes over the No. american continent. It had three main goals: a.blackout all power/comm grids to stall defense,b. disrupt supply infrastucture,and c.establish conditions for 2nd strike/invasion. Notice several similarities to Y2K? Actually Y2K would use a longer time frame. Most important, however,is that the Govt planned for this and considered it survivable! The plan is set up in layers as follows.

GOVERNMENT: You already know about bunkers for the Fed. You may not know how extensive they are. This includes military. Nuff said.

MILITARY: Preparation. Harden/shield electronics since all transistors are at risk. Provide standby power since all active power (grid)and comm grids (telco) are at risk. This would provide time to restart undamaged portions of the grids. Develope alternate comm since HF,etc are not functional for 72hrs due to atmospheric ionization. This lead to ELF,VLF, and also to ARPNET. The Guard would use HF, reasonble,since callup would likely be completed after the time needed above. The military can communicate.

STATE GOVERNMENT: Before satelites there was microwave. There are over 3k terrestrial microwave sites in the US. Some are railroad,telco,and power cos. I don't know in what capacity those are currently being used. Most of the western states I know of have micowave systems. These are secure communicatons. They link to radio repeaters and talk to police,fire,etc. The systems also carry telephone. The Gov can talk to any state agency. Approx 12yrs ago, a Fed initiative attemted to link all state systems - purpose was terrorism/nat disater. Since the sites all have backup power,the states will have communications.

PUBLIC: At last! You get to listen. First there was CONALRAD (spelling?),then Civil Defense System,and finally the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS). Radio stations have backup generators. I'm not sure about televison. The stations are required to install an EBS system at their expense. The ones I saw at a broadcast convention were ELF. Don't know if that is standard.

In a nutshell, the govt has a complete command and control system in place,intended for a war footing. Executive orders can be implemented.

This is intended to be Y2K neutral and used as a benchmark. I did not touch on economics,but the book has been written for that also. Read WWII rationing.

I hope you find this useful and thanks again.


-- LR (Observer@Large.com), February 22, 1999


Well, it looked long when I typed it. Sorry. LR

-- LR (Observer@Large.com), February 22, 1999.

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