4X5 film holders and Film Pack Adapter

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Bought some 4X5 Graflex sheet film holders and a 4X5 Graflex Film Pack Adapter.

Film holders are about 3/16" too wide for the back of my Super Graflex. They are also about 1/4" shorter than some new sheet film holders I have been using. The Film Pack Adaptor is too wide to be held by the sliding clips on the back.

Is there any way to use these with my Super Graflex?


-- Andy Montebello (aamiii@dialnet.net), February 21, 1999


It sounds like you have holders meant for the Graflex single lens reflex camera, instead of the Speed Graphic. They are different, as you noticed. Other than the size difference, yours probably are flat on the face with a groove near the dark slide end of the holder. The standard 4x5 holders have a ridge instead of a slot.

You might want to go to the Graflex site www.graflex.org, and inquire.

-- Tony Brent (ajbrent@mich.com), February 22, 1999.

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