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I installed the game and it ran fine, kind of slow but fine, but for some reason the game seems to big for my screen. Ive adjusted the settings and that dosnt help. I can see everything but the commands at the bottom of the game like the communicator commands. is there a way to size the game right so I can see and use everything?

-- Gemi (, February 21, 1999


Thanks for trying it out! Sorry, the current version of the GUI has a fixed size (640x480 pixels). I think you might just have to get a bigger monitor!

Also, is there any chance you're using the Microsoft Java runtime (part of IE 4.0) instead of Sun's JRE Java runtime? This is selected by the self-installer, it's the first question you're asked is which Java runtime. We've found the Microsoft runtime tends to add a little height to the window. I think you can try fixing this by changing the game launch batch file to call jre.exe instead of jview.exe. To be safe, install JRE, re-run the TDL installer, and select JRE when it asks you which Java to use.

-- Steve Strassmann (, February 21, 1999.

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