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Here's a quick '?' for ya; Which Aeon shows do you prefer? the Liquid Television shows (loaded with shoot-emup-reel-good violence), or the individual shows (little or no violence; plots as deep and convoluted as the Atlantic ocean!) My preference is the bloody series from the liquid tv days... I admit the series could have benefitted from more plot, BUT C'MON! there is no blood, very little violence, and there's so much deep meaning, it completely turned me OFF! But that's my opinion; any thoughts?

-- dookieman! (swreed69@hotmail.com), February 21, 1999


Well......I think you'll find that's exactly what the mega corps want to hear. Most of us are willing to surrender the nobility of deep thought and eternal joy, which is harder to find and maintain, for the fast and easy packets of pleasure which are fed to us. I think Peter C. created the first and second seasons as satire.....making fun of how warped and perverted the mass media and the media elite of Western popular-culture. The Third Season is a true attempt at high-culture....an attempt to make us think. It's almost impossible to watch the Third Season and not feel tired.....because you have to work to understand. But the rewards for understanding are a thousand times better then the small and easy packets of fast food pleasure that pop-culture feeds the masses to keep us happy. So, my vote is for Third Season.

-- Plutar Circavus (karl.wolf@unisys.com), February 21, 1999.

Sorry, but the shorts get my vote. Not because of the violence, but because of the mysteriousness, otherworldliness, and just all round coolness that the third season comes close to, but just can't quite reach.

-- Frostbite (foo@bar.com), February 27, 1999.

I must say I have a greater love for the third-season long-format episodes. Hearing Aeon and Trevor speak allows for far greater character and plot development. Of course that means abandoning the visual narrative format of the shorts, but I think the change-over only led us deeper in the wonderful, wild, weird mysteries of the Fluxiverse...

-- Charlie Princeton (cmmartin@princeton.edu), March 04, 1999.

no contest; 3rd season is superior in every way. got the first video and watched the 1st season again (after the 3rd made me a fan)and yes there's more mystery and violence, but damn i said, i didn't even get the flux fix from that shit, it just brought back some old memories so i proceded to watch some 2nd and 3rd season and - ahhh... thas wat i'm talkin about; tha real deal! but to each their own

-- b-boy neobe the gibbon (mmonroe@neobe.rr.com), November 26, 1999.

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