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Got a call from my contact at the local Fire Dept. He just a notice from So. Cal. Dept. of Emergency Svcs that they're offering a contingency planning session in LA on March 18. Anyone can attend, but you do need to call to register. 805.644.0899. TIA.

-- Mac (, February 21, 1999


Mac, thanks, very interested in how LA will handle this. They have CERT teams. Please keep us posted. Will you be attending?

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-- Leska (, February 21, 1999.

You betcha. I've also been asked to join the VERT team at work, which will give me an opportunity to get brush up on CPR and para-EMT training, which is all good.

As with so much of the Y2K prep, if it's a 7 (or the Rose Canyon fault finally kicks loose), I'll be ready, and if it's less, I'll still have significantly improved my skills and will have lots of supplies. Still don't have a solid Plan C for an 8+ yet, so work continues...

-- Mac (, February 21, 1999.

Cool, Mac, ya got it figured out, win-win, your employer is fortunate :) Now if everybody was as sensible and skill-hungry as you, there would be no 8+ ... Real curious, looking forward to your report. Thanx

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-- Leska (, February 21, 1999.


I'm curious too.

Need to make some more phone calls tomorrow.


-- Diane J. Squire (, February 21, 1999.

Leska -

Just read through the "Look What Portland's Planning" thread. I think I now know where my Plan C (relocate) will end up. 8-}]

-- Mac (, February 22, 1999.

Mac, you are more than welcome! Oh, such schemes for Yourdon Land up here. But time & money are short. If you want to visit, let us know and we'll show you around (provided not on 24/7 hospice job). From Cape Mendocino in California up thru British Columbia, Canada -- Cascadia! -- the living is good but the winters can get cold. The Portland area is more of a temperate rain forest Nov-Feb, usually about two weeks of sub-freezing temps w/ snow & ice, but some years not a single flake. Seattle area colder by about 80 and even wetter. Olympia, WA really beautiful. Victoria, BC, paradise, but high taxes. The San Juan Islands the ultimate in summer time. Portland as a city is lovely & activist and fascinating. The outlaying suburbs gorgeous. Quality of life high, housing too expensive, growth explosive. If ya like water, come on up ;-D

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-- Leska (, February 22, 1999.

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