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About the last message, I found an "answer" on the altera website. I hope this helps anyone else having this problem....Now off to minimize my design...


When I try to compile a design I get the following error message:

Internal Error (cmp) Fatal Application error in Partitioner at 10%. Please contact Altera.Version 7.21 Student Edition.

Why is this happening? You will receive this error if your design will not fit in the targeted device and the software has tried to fit the design into multiple devices. The MAX+PLUS II software has a feature named the Partitioner, which is activated if the project does not fit into the specified device or if you have specified multiple devices or automatic device selection for the project. However, the Partitioner is not available in the MAX+PLUS II 7.21 student edition software.

To solve this problem, you must either reduce the size of the design or break the design into smaller projects. You can then simulate and test these smaller projects. For details, refer to MAX+PLUS II Help.

-- Alex (, February 20, 1999


You have to always make sure that you Assign->Device correctly before trying to compile, as you found out. If you run into problems minimizing the design one thing you can do is to look at the Report File. This shows lots of information about the internals of the design, but it is complicated. Unfortunately the state-of-the-art in logic synthesis isn't very good at indicating in English where problems arise in design fitting.


-- Robin Grindley (, February 23, 1999.

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