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Just some assorted Press/Media Releases & Links about Australia's readiness (or lack of):

Telstra - International calls pass Telstra Y2K tests (15-Feb-1999)

Telstra - Telstra leads Asia Pacific Region on Y2K (4-Feb-1999)

The following are individual States of Australia Government websites:

Western Australian Y2K Site

Western Australian Y2K Progress & Contacts Section

Queensland Y2K Site

Queensland Y2K Progress Reports

New South Wales Y2K Site - You'll love the entry disclaimer, they also have a Restricted Access section oooo

News South Wales Y2K Media Releases

Victorian Y2K Site - With an entry disclaimer

Victorian Busineses Case Studies - This shows how pervasive the Millennium Bug is.

Victorian Year 2000 Risk Management Unit

Tasmanian Y2K Site

South Australian Y2K Site

South Australian Y2K Target Milestones

Northern Territory Y2K Site

Regards, Simon Richards

-- Simon Richards (, February 20, 1999


Thank you, Simon.

-- Rachel Gibson (, February 20, 1999.

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