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Many Aust businesses not preparing for millennium bug Friday 19 February, 1999 (8:59pm AEDT)

The biggest-ever survey on Australia's preparedness for the millennium bug has found more than 40 per cent of companies have not planned any action to solve the problem.

The Bureau of Statistics survey found industries such as transport and construction, which have many smaller companies, are particularly ill-prepared for the year 2000 problem.


Earlier today, I posted this:

In Israel, Y2K spells disaster for small firms TEL AVIV (JPS) -- The majority of Israel's 80,000 small businesses will see their computer systems crash next January because they are not prepared for the Y2K bug, a top computer consultant is warning.

Jimmy Schwarzkopf, director of the Meta Group Israel consulting firm, led a two- day conference last month in Tel Aviv on information technology.

He predicts that most Israeli companies with fewer than 99 employees are starting far too late to install systems that will prevent problems at the end of the millennium.

"Israel's small companies are not doing anything to try to solve the millennium bug," he said. "They are going to run into terrible trouble."


Now these are two of the **BEST** prepared nations on earth. have you brain dead sub-moronic pollyanna imbeciles figured it out yet? No, of course not.

Now, you think it is just Israel and Australia? How about Washington DC:

U.S. Capital Poorly Prepared For Year 2000 (Last updated 12:36 PM ET February 19)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Despite the best efforts of Congress and the White House to raise awareness of the Year 2000 computer problem, the nation's capital provides a prime example of what can go wrong come year end. The District of Columbia is over a year behind generally accepted schedules for addressing the problem, and Mayor Anthony Williams agreed at a hearing Friday that the city was behind almost every similar-sized municipality.

The General Accounting Office said it would be difficult for the District to compensate for its late start.

"The District may be unable to effectively ensure public safety, collect revenue, educate students, and provide health care services," GAO information system director Jack Brock told the House Government Reform subcommittee on D.C.

Tom Davis, the Virginia Republican who chairs the subcommittee, said problems in the District could hurt neighboring states like his own, and disrupt the federal government. "The District remains in crisis mode."


But all you Pollyannas are a pack of damn fool idiots living in those castles of Belasco in the air.

The allegedly BEST prepared countries in the world are hopelessly enscrewed. The leadership says it will be like a 'three day snowstorm' out of one side of their face and 'nobody knows' out of the other side. Not only are they inept liars, they are bad liars as well.

They are the blind leading the blind.

Oh well, no skin off my nose. Those who prepared will have at least a chance to fare well. It pleases me no end to see the Folsoms and Ambroses and Maitlands et al, prepare. It pleases me to be able to think that their families will have some measure of safety. It pleases me very very much. And idiots like dechert and garito and bks and echristi can suffer the consequences of their extreme folly. Serves them right. That is what you get for being an INTENTIONAL moron.

Israel, Australia and Washington DC circling the drain. And just these three few examples among Tens of THOUSANDS of states, countries, businesses and municipalities that are toast.

Won't be long now.

Paul Milne If you live within five miles of a 7-11, you're toast.

-- a (a@a.a), February 19, 1999


Thanks, a
Have been wondering what happened to Paul Milne. Paul, visit here every once in a while. Paul's posts are like a shot of expresso to my preparation efforts. For that boost I always thank him and am glad to see whatever he's driving the stake into; it invariably reminds me of something to do/buy/test/investigate. Paul is the jolt that slices through the happy-face frosting and exposes the rot under layers of air-bubble fluff.

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx

-- Leska (, February 19, 1999.

The District Of Calamity

Beyond toast. The kindergarten titter circus. Bet all those reps/senators get busy throwing money/geeks at the city to save themselves. Could that work?

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx

-- Leska (, February 20, 1999.

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