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I wanted to invite anyone who is interested in Y2K Relocation to sign up for Vamoose-L.

Vamoose-L is a mailing list for people who want to learn more about Y2K relocation, that is, relocation to rural areas especially in anticipation of possible disruptions due to the "Y2K computer bug". It is a weekly announce-only list, sponsored by Vamoose, the Internet's first Y2K relocation and safe haven site.

Vamoose-L will include articles about Y2K relocation, Y2K relocation links, announcements of low-cost real estate, updates from real estate agents specializing in Y2K real estate, "special" relocation announcements not found on Vamoose's website, announcements of new relocation properties added to Vamoose, links to Y2K products and services related to Y2K relocation, information on Y2K communities, Y2K-friendly areas, land, creative approaches to Y2K relocation, and much more.


To SUBSCRIBE to VAMOOSE-L, email Message: SUBSCRIBE VAMOOSE-L Leave subject blank

To UNSUBSCRIBE to VAMOOSE-L, email Message: UNSUBSCRIBE VAMOOSE-L Leave subject blank

Olivia L'Heureux Owner/Operator of VAMOOSE, "The Internet's First Y2K Relocation and Safe Haven Site!"

******* Note that I am an Online Newspaper Publisher (I am not now nor have I ever been a real estate agent!) and that I receive no commissions or finders fees for anything on my website. *******

-- Olivia L'Heureux (, February 19, 1999

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