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I have a Sinar F-1 and would like a case that would hold the camera without removing the bellows. I shoot at night a lot and frequently go to a scene during the day to focus and return in the dark to shoot. Thanks for any help.

-- Chet Wright (, February 19, 1999


You should look at the Lightware cases designed specifically for LF Sinar cameras.

-- Ellis Vener (, February 19, 1999.

Sinar has a case for its F. You just hang it in the case, aside there's room for lenses and fidelities. 10 years ago it was about $225,=.

-- Lot (, February 20, 1999.

Calumet offers several LF cases for monorail cameras at considerably less than Sinar-Bron's inflated prices.

-- Dick Fish (, February 20, 1999.

I agree with LOT. Sinar makes a terrific 'suitcase' type case for the F Series Cameras. It is sized so that it can be included in carry-on luggage (will go under the standard airline seat, or in the luggage overhead). The camera folds up and lays in sideways, completely assembled. In addition to the camera w lens, I typically will carry a Polaroid Back (special cut-out for it), 10 holders, two meters, focus cloth, (or reflex back), rail extension, lens shade, extra bellows, and at least one or two other lens(s)and a sandwich easliy..This is a very rugged, well designed case. I bought mine new two years ago for (I believe) $225, or thereabouts...One of the best values Sinar offers.. Note: I will NEVER check my cameras (and especially meters)unless I absolutely have to..and then only in "airline proof" containers which always add $ in overlimit baggage. This case has saved it's weight in excess baggage fees many times over.

-- C Matter (, February 23, 1999.

i built a case that has turned out to be pretty useful out of a large coleman picnic cooler. i own a toyo c monorail and after constructing two notched wood baffles and fixing them to the sides of the cooler's interior walls, i am able to 'drop' the camera into the notches hand count on the camera's remaining stable inside the box. the thing works well. it offers some ridgidity and hence some necessary protection. and i never have to dismount the bellows.

good luck,


-- robb reed (, July 07, 1999.

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