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What preperation advice should we give gov. employees? Nothing we wouldn't want the public to find out about.

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"The problem of what to tell workers has quickly become a thorny one for government officials who are trying to balance candor with discretion. The Central Intelligence Agency last May told employees to prepare for Y2K by paying bills early and stockpiling cash, and some private firms have offered similar advice.

At a closed-door meeting of the White House's Y2K council in January, council members debated what agencies should tell their workers. John Koskinen, the council's chairman, warned the audience of about 30 officials that they should expect any advice offered internally will fall into the hands of the media."

From this paragraph, does anyone still have any doubt as to the intent of the government? Any optimistic outhere?

They have enough heart to want to warn their own employees, but not the rest of the sheeple. Nobless Oblige, they have feelings for their servants, but none for the savages out there.

-- Chris (, February 20, 1999.

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