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Subject: H-TEACH Re: ANNOUNCING: Restart of H-Ideas Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 12:23:11 -0600 From: "Kelly Woestman, Pittsburg State" Reply-To: H-Net List for Teaching College History and Related Fields To: H-TEACH@H-NET.MSU.EDU

Date sent: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 10:45:16 +0200 From: H-Net Announcements Editor

The new editorial team for H-Ideas is pleased to announce the restart of H-Ideas. After a long period of dormancy, H-Ideas, the H-NET List dedicated to intellectual history and the history of ideas, is up and running again. The editors would like to invite subscribers of other H-NET Lists, especially those who formerly subscribed to H-Ideas, to visit the H-Ideas homepage and/or to subscribe or resubscribe to the list.

The H-Ideas homepage can be viewed at: http://www.h-net.msu.edu/~ideas

To subscribe to H-Ideas send the following command to: listserv@h-net.msu.edu

Subscribe H-Ideas Your Name Example: Subscribe h-ideas James Jones

The following is excerpted from the new Welcome Statement:

I. The H-IDEAS Network: Scope, Content, Purpose.

H-IDEAS is an electronic forum for discussing the history of ideas, broadly defined. It has a two-fold purpose: (1) to foster communication and debate among the international community of professional historians and scholars interested in intellectual history and the history of ideas, and (2) to serve as a clearinghouse for information relevant to the varied professional interests of this community, including teaching methods, scholarly conferences, and publications.

H-IDEAS encourages scholarly exchanges on all aspects of its subject, regardless of the countries or periods involved. It is open to scholars, students, teachers, librarians, and all who want to participate in an academic discussion of the history of ideas and intellectual history. They may raise research questions, open scholarly dialogue, provide information about conferences and symposia, list new sources of information--whether online, print, or archival, report tables of contents of journals, discuss teaching materials, post job openings, and report non-commercial announcements of books, software, datasets, or cd-roms. H-IDEAS also publishes commissioned book reviews. On its web page, readers will find logs containing prior discussions, book reviews, and other matters of interest.

Sincerely, Neil Brody Miller Mark Reger Andrew C. Rieser Dennis R. Hidalgo H-Ideas Editorial Team

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-- Jen Hogan (jenhogan@ilt.columbia.edu), February 19, 1999


http://www.socsci.kun.nl/ped/whp/histeduc/index.html This is an excellent web site for looking at the History of Education--around the world.

-- Jen Hogan (jenhogan@ilt.columbia.edu), February 22, 1999.

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