WA lens for 6x7 $'s vs Quality

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I want a 65 mm lens for my 6x7 Horseman. The following lenses have come down the pike. Schneider SA 64 f8@+/-$400;SA f5.6 @+/-$800;SA f5.6 MC @+/-$900;Caltar II 4.5 MC @$7-800;Fuji SWD f5.6 @$850; new Nikon SW MC @$1000. Are the newer lenses twice as good as the SA f8??? I'm shooting land scapes and rarely outdoor arch. I'm talking sharpness and linear distortion. thanks

-- George Nedleman (gnln@thegrid.net), February 19, 1999


I purchased a mint Nikkor SW 65 on a horseman recessed board with a cam for $600. I almost purchased instead a mint rodenstock 65 which was never actually used for $550. My advice is to be patient and look for a good used modern lens.

-- Ray Fenio (rfenio@indiana.edu), February 20, 1999.

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