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Dear Interns--

I'd like to humanize the intern site and make biographical information on each of you and project descriptions available on-line. This can be a place where your peers and others go to learn about your work. I'd like to start with basic info. Can each of you send me a plain text file (or paste it in an email, though I prefer the former) that states the following:

Your name: Your Academic Department and Program (i.e., Masters, PhD, EdD): Your email address: Internship Project(s): School You Work With: Teacher You Work With: Grade(s) You Work With: Brief Description of the Project (2 paragraphs): Links to The School, Your Home Page, The Project or Other Useful Web Resources That Have Helped You With The Project:

If you have a photo of yourself that we could put up, that would be great too. FYI: The scanners in 332 HM ARE WORKING. If you could get me this info by Tuesday afternoon, I would greatly appreciate it!


Best, Jen

-- Jen Hogan (, February 19, 1999


Program: MA in Instructional Technology Work: ILT Internship deisngning web pages for CCTE and ILT DOB: 11/10/75 Other Classes: Computer-Mediated Communication (Robbie); Educational Design (Danielle); Programming I (Yoon-il) Anything Else: I don't know where to post my "intern page" as my name is not listed...


-- Deborah H. Fertig (, March 23, 1999.

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