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I knew that we can play VCD on a PC monitor using a VCD player, provided that the monitor has audio and video outlets. However, if my monitor is an old model without separate audio and video outlets, could I play VCD using a VCD player.(Please note that my computer is also an old model which can't support mpeg player!) Thanks for the answer.

-- Rebecca Wu (, February 19, 1999


You can only hook up a VCD player to our machine of the monitor has audio and video jacks. If you don't then you can buy a TV tuner card to do it. The low end WinTV by Happauge (retail less than $90.00 US) will give you a video in jack but you need an audio cable that lets you plug it into the back of your sound card. The kind that lets you attach a portable CD player to a stereo.

-- T (, February 19, 1999.

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