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[I mentioned in an earlier post that MPS distributed flyers at the Midwest Preparedness Expo. Here is the text of the flyer. Kudos to MPS for offering community solutions. I will attend the 3/30 meeting and report on it here.]

(MPS logo) Milwaukee Public Schools - Department of School and Community Services

(Artwork of hands around the earth, which has a heart in the center) Preparing Yourself and Your Neighborhood for Y2K

When computers and microchips roll over to the year 2000 some of the critical systems we depend on may malfunction. Services which could experience disruptions include electrical power, water, food delivery, transportation, finance, communication, and fuels. Concerned citizens and organizations are invited to attend one of the following workshops to learn what you can do to assist your community.

[List follows. First meeting is Tues., 3/30. Four others are also listed. Family cost is $5.]

This presentation is also available to churches, citizen groups and neighborhood organizations. Call (414)475-8834 for more information.

Skill Sharing Classes

The following classes teach skills useful to many situations including camping, wilderness cottage living, and conservation, as well as practical ways to address Y2K issues.

[Courses listed:]

Preserving food the Old Fashioned Way

Backyard and Community Gardening

Non-Electrical Life Styles

Alternate Energy Sources

[Dates and times are also listed. Cost for families is $5.]

For registration information call MPS Community Recreation at 475-8180 and ask for a Spring Guide to be mailed to your home.

-- Steve Hartsman (, February 18, 1999

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