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I do have an honest question for those who "claim" to be trolls and "claim" to be involved in systems management.

I have designed, programmed, and assisted several major corporations with network design and implementation recently as a consultant. Now, as I take my money, and vacation for the next year or more, I want to hear some more opinions.

1. Can anyone, with sufficient cause or documentation, demonstrate a system implemenation, program repair/upgrade/redesign, or hardware revision that has ever been completed within 30 days of it's target completion date and under budget, hell let's stretch it to on budget?

2. Can anyone, document ANY test results that are completed by a third party vendor (other than myself, lol) that substantiate the claims that any power, phone, or water company that supports a population base of over 500,000 people, is actually 100% compliant? And don't do the Clinton on me, compliant means remediation plust interactive testing with other vendors.

I'm going to sleep well tonight. And for many nights to come because I believe in self-suffiency, individualism, and independence. Now do tell, those that troll, what is wrong with being selfish? And why are you posting without any substantive facts to back up your arguments?

An amused indivualist....John Galt

-- John Galt (, February 18, 1999



Ok, Troll Maria, here's a guy that has asked you politely to "put up or shut up." As opposed to me, whose attitude you don't like so you don't deign to give any substatiation for your pollyanism. Gonna ignore him, too?

-- vbProg (, February 19, 1999.

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