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I work with manufacturers (job shops, valve, transformer, automation equipment, etc.) in Eastern Michigan and have asked them about their Y2K preparations for over a year. The answers to my questions about their plans and general awareness level regarding the "Big Picture" have been frightening indeed. Some have told me that they don't worry about events next week let alone next year. They feel things will be just fine. They have no facts to counter mine only FEELINGS based on the past . It's simply business as usual. Denial is everywhere. They don't understand the systemic natural of the problem. If they don't understand the problem, how can they provide the solutions? Is it better elsewhere???

-- cjp (, February 18, 1999


I'm a factory worker in northwestern Ohio, and I detest this JUST IN TIME supply system. When only ONE vendor cannot supply a component, an assembly line will shut down. Management thinks they will get over any potential Y2K conflicts.

Hah! They don't have a clue! They believe all that propaganda in The Kiplinger Washingon Letter. Here's the first paragraph from the 22JAN99 issue:

"Don't fall for gloom & doom talk about year-2000 computer bugs. Sure, there'll be some foul-ups and disruptions a year from now. But not widespread chaos, threatening to paralyze our economy and throw business for a loop. Take such stories with a grain of salt."

"Oh. Nothing to worry about. Now I can plan that vacation with the family." -- Joe SixPack

And so the brainwashing continues... :(

-- dinosaur (, February 19, 1999.

I think this is a great question cjp. I hope it gets some good comments. Sadly I think this is not unusual. At least you tried! <:)=

-- Sysman (, February 19, 1999.

Kiplinger and the rest of the mainstream "financial" mags are all perpetual bulls. Because public thinks stocks can only go up. They don't want to think about stocks going down. Can't sell advertising to mags no one buys because of bearish ("negative") articles.

Kiplinger might have been better many years ago, when they didn't sell advertising. But now, they have to publicly be pollyanas just like "Money", "Worth", etc.

-- A (, February 19, 1999.

I know of two companies in west Michigan that have completed Y2K projects. One was a company of 250 employees, they started in 1995 and finished in 1997. I talked to the former manager of information systems. The only reason it was done was that another project was cancelled, but the funding remained. So he "snuck it in", then got permission to finish.

The second, according to my contacts, was laying off their Y2K team as of April this year. All done.

Two is not enough, and I fear that this ratio is closer to the truth than the official progress reports.

-- Jon Williamson (, February 19, 1999.

er, here in the D.C. metro area the two biggest businesses are the federal government and selling stuff to the federal government...and neither are going to be in very good shape come the rollover, 'cause right now the District of Columbia is a Year BEHIND the rest of the country in y2k remediation.


still more fun in the year minus one! Arlin

-- Arlin H. Adams (, February 19, 1999.

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