Would you buy the AF videos if they released them again???

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In recent months here in the UK they have re-released all the Star Trek videos and are currently re-releasing all the Next Generation videos. I was just thinking that if MTV / Paramount decided to release the episodes again, in production order, and with matching artwork and had special interviews with PC and the cast, would you buy these tapes? And why yes or no.

-- Keith G. Redhead (redhed@globalnet.co.uk), February 18, 1999


No. ______ Robert

-- Robert F. Beck (rfbeck@internetconnect.net), February 19, 1999.

I would rent them, but buy 'em? ... Answer is no. I've already got all of the episodes, so why buy them again??

Maybe if I win the lottery, I would. Which is made difficult by the fact that I don't play the lottery.

-- Zach (rapacity@usa.net), February 19, 1999.

Depends what the cost was. I own two copies of 'Aeon Flux' since I saw a second for only #3. I'd probably buy the new ones and give my old ones to someone else.

-- Philip Mills (philip.mills@cableinet.co.uk), February 19, 1999.

Funny - I thought all of the AF tapes were currently in release - I know I've got my set - but things may be different across The Pond, eh?

-- Charlie Princeton (cmmartin@princeton.edu), February 19, 1999.

Operative Terminus (nor Complete) is not available in the UK yet, but that wasn't what I meant. I mean that I own two copies of the first (red) tape, simply because it was cheap, and I'd but it again if they released an inexpensive new version. And, come to think of it, I'd purchase it on DVD if a UK version was produced :-O !


-- Philip Mills (philip.mills@cableinet.co.uk), February 19, 1999.

Yes, I'd buy them - I'd just give my old tapes to someone else. I'd be interested in the interviews and behind the scenes stuff.

-- Kris (kristiw@earthlink.net), April 09, 1999.

Yes, I`d buy the episodes again. But only if they were all released on DVD, with new cover art and a running commentary by Peter Chung & Howard Baker! I can dream, can`t I?

-- Paul D. Gilbreath (gilbreathfamily@worldnet.att.net), February 18, 2000.

heck yeah i would bye the videos again, it would be a plus with behind the seens wit the man p/c and maybe soom more never before seen scenes too.

-- (Aeonfluxfan1@Aol.com), February 19, 2000.

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