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Any suggestions on the wiring of Stubb turnouts for DCC? How do I detirmine if I need to add booster districts to my basic Lenz Digital System. The layout is to be a meduim size 12 by 22.

-- Robert Ashmore (biash4, February 18, 1999



Wiring of stub turnouts is with the same rules for a point turnout - only easier. The switch rails are already the stock rails with separate polarity. Each pair of the stock and closure rails on each side or the stub will be the same polarity. You will need to issolate the frog (I presume you have all metal frogs) and have the throw mechanism activate a contact or relay to power the at the issolated frog. Be sure and power the closure rails to the frog with the adjoining stock rails and that's about all there is to it. Even if you don't have metal frogs (where did you get the stubs?) - the frog should be issolated close to the frog crossing and separate power applied to the component rails as if an issolated metal frog block. This will keep shorts from occuring accross the frog gaps by the wheel tires.

If the stubs you have are three way stubs then some additional work and issolation is required and you will want to check out the wiring diagrams in the Paul Mallory "Trackwork Handbook". This book is an excellent resource for anyone handlaying their own trackwork - which is what's usually done with stub turnouts anyway. -ed mccamey-

-- Ed McCamey (, February 24, 1999.

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