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Can somebody give me the rules of useing frag and krak grenades PLEASE.

-- Aaron John Beck (, February 18, 1999


According to 3rd edition 40k on page 66: Fragmentation grenades can be thrown at opponents in cover to force them to keep their heads down during a charge. The lethal storm of shrapnel from exploding frag grenades will drive opponents into further cover for a few precious moments while the attackers close in.

Rule: Troops armed with frag grenades always fight simultaneously against troops in cover. Initiative values are not used, both sides roll to hit and wound at the same time before making armour saves and removing casualties. As for Krak grenades, On page 90: Troops equipped with krak grenades can use them to assault vehicles. Krak grenades give troops S6 for close combat hits scored against vehicles, making their armor penetration scores 6+d6. Krak grenades need both hands to use so models using them can only make a single attack and don't get bonus attacks for charging, additional hand weapons or anything else. Krak grenades can also be used to make a death or glory attack on an overrunning tank. I hope this helps, these are copied word for word from the book.

-- Hank (, February 18, 1999.

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