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Let's hope they don't get derailed before meeting each other.......

"South Africa9s world-famous Blue Train is offering 160 guests one of the world9s greatest millennium parties.

David Weitsz, executive manager of Luxrail, says the Blue Train party dubbed "Starry, Starry Night" will be one of the most exclusive in the world. "It is limited to 80 couples and we promise they will have a magical time. It will be a night of feasting, fireworks and musical entertainment, all in the Blue Train tradition of elegance and luxury."

On the eve of the new millennium, one Blue Train will travel south from Pretoria and the other north from Cape Town. They will meet in heart of the Karoo wilderness for a party which will feature five star cuisine and entertainment under the millions of stars which make the Karoo one of the most spectacular night skies in the world.

The precise location of the party is being kept secret to preserve the exclusivity which those spending R23 000 per couple expect. "Suffice to say that the chosen site will give guests a unique experience for a party they will never forget," said Weitsz.

The party will actually begin the moment guests board the train. Weitsz says the Blue Train9s renowned chefs are already preparing a special millennium menu featuring the finest food and vintage wine.

When the trains arrive in the Karoo, guests will find that even though they are in the middle of the wilderness, no luxury will be lacking, including top-rated live entertainment and a specially constructed open- air dance floor situated in the shadow of a typical Karoo koppie.

Lighting will be romantic and subtle in order not to detract from the blaze of stars in the heavens above. After the event the two trains will continue their journeys to Cape Town and Pretoria.

Weitsz says that the Blue Train millennium party will be one of the world9s finest. "What we have to offer is unique. Only 80 couples in the entire world will be able to experience it."

Bookings opened for the party on February 11, 1999. "We have already had inquiries from all over the world," he says.

For further information please contact Delwin Kriel at David Barritt & Company 027 11 784-1299. Ends

(via the South African Press Association's public relations wire service)"

-- Andy (, February 18, 1999


Andy, Revelers had best check out the infrastructure. Deserts are hot and dry come noon mid summer. Best wishes,

-- Watchful (, March 20, 1999.

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